5 Best Essential Oils for Fall

Just got a new essential oil diffuser and not sure what oils to use for this fall? Look no futher!

  1. 1. Vanilla

    One of the best things about this scent is that it smells like someone has been baking in the kitchen all day. I like this scent because it reminds me of warm desserts on a cool day. It’s not overly sweet and it mixes well with other essential oils like rose or orange.


  2. 2. Allspice

    Allspice is an amazing scent to use in the fall and winter. It’s a combo of a few different spices and is often used in cooking. Because of this, it is also reminiscent of someone cooking. Allspice has a much earthier scent than vanilla so if you’re looking for something more natural than this would be great for you.


  3. 3. Balsam

    Balsam is one of my all-time favorite scents. If I had to describe balsam I would say it's like sniffing a pine tree on a crisp chilly fall day. It is by far the most natural to me and reminds me of Christmas trees! I have this scent in my essential diffuser all the time.

  4. 4. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon is like the official fall spice. It has such a specific scent and just reminds me of a cozy day wrapped up in a fleece blanket. I have to say cinnamon is pretty strong so I usually combine it with other more neutral scents like vanilla.

  5. 5. Coffee

    Who doesn’t love coffee? Some people don’t but for the people who do this essential oil will make your whole room smell like a fresh pot of coffee. It provides such a warm feeling and goes well with other fall scents like cinnamon and vanilla.

Hopefully, you found some cool new combos to try out when you're spending time in your room this fall!