4 Ways to Save Up Some Cash in College

We all know what it means to be on a college budget. Saving is difficult when you are presented with opportunities to spend every day. Learning to budget is definitely a challenge, but luckily there are a few steps you can take to save up some pennies!

  1. 1. Stop Spending So Much On Food

    We all get sick of the dining hall, but remember that it is already paid for! Mix up your choices and use the plan that is already in place for you rather than dropping more cash on pricey delivery food. Alternately, if you have a kitchen, do your best to cook at home instead of going out to eat all the time. While ordering out is convenient and quick, your wallet will thank you, and you just may find a new hobby with cooking along the way!

  2. 2. Be The DD!

    Nights out and alcohol can be a huge spending point for many students. If you want to save your money but don't want to miss a night out, offer to be the designated driver for the night. Your friends will be happy to have a safe ride and you can still join in on the fun without paying for an Uber or expensive drinks at the bar.

  3. 3. Use School Resources

    From the gym to the counseling center, many universities provide resources to their students that would be pricey elsewhere. Make sure you are taking advantage of all the resources that are provided to you as a student!

  4. 4. Work The Student Discount

    Get in the habit of always having your student ID with you-it can come in handy! Many restaurants, stores, and shops will offer discounts to students that are currently enrolled. Even some online streaming platforms have deals for students who can provide a valid .edu email address. Save your cash by taking every student discount you possibly can!

It can be challenging to budget in college, but by being mindful and monitoring where your money is going, you can save up some cash to treat yourself. Your wallet will thank you later!