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39 Thoughts We Have While Watching the Bachelor

Our Monday’s just got a little bit better because the Bachelor is back, and it’s no surprise this season is one that leaves us shaking our head every Tuesday morning. We spend the morning rehashing the one-on-one dates, wondering why they’re all crying when it’s only week four, and why Ben is still keeping that girl. Yes, you Olivia. As Bachelor fans unite on Twitter and Instagram sharing their strongly written opinions of the ladies this season, we can’t help but laugh at the hilarious memes and hard spoken truths about the gals. Here’s a few thoughts that I’m sure we share while anxiously drinking our pinot grigio out of second-hand embarrasment every Monday night.


1. Why is Ben so perfect?


2. I thought he said he wasn’t going to kiss all of them?


3. Twin sisters? How is this legal?


4. Why is this girl wearing a horse mask on her head? 


5. What the, now an actual horse? What is happening?


6. OMG Becca is back! I did not see this coming…


7. Wait who is Amber? What season was she on?


8. The twins are only 22…shouldn’t they still be in college?


9. Is Mandi actually checking Ben’s teeth?


10. OMG she’s flossing his teeth OMG *cringing* 


11. Lace is offically that drunk girl 


12. *Mocking Chris Harrison* “Ladies, this is the final rose of the night.”


13. Okay Chris, stop asking how everyone is feeling.


14. Jubliee, honey, you need to go home and see a therapist 


15. Olivia, Ben is looking at you like that because he thinks you’re crazy like the rest of us.


16. Also, he is not picking you last becasue he’s saving the best. 


17. Olivia was definitley hired as the crazy chick by the producers. 


18. How does Amanda wake up and look flawless…that can’t be real.


19. *Gags* as Olivia talks about her and Ben’s “special connection.” 


20. Somtimes I think I should apply to be on this show


21. Olivia, you’re not having a panick attack. 


22. What do you mean you’re in love with Ben? You’ve known him for 3 days…


23. Did Ben just call Caila a sex panther?


24. Of course, Jubliee is crying again.


25. Ugh, I need more wine.


26. I feel so much better that I’m single now.


27. Alright, Ben better propose to JoJo.


28. Or maybe Becca, or Lauren B., or Amanda…ugh I can’t choose.


29. Thank God the twin thing is over, that got old fast. 


30. Why do the girls hug each other goodbye like they’ve been best friends for years? 


31. When Emily hysterically cried out “I hate Olivia!!!” *Spits out wine from laughing so hard*


32. Us too, Emily, us too.


33. Goodbye Jubliee. Go home and get some help girlfriend.


34. Alright, rose ceremony, let’s do this. *chugs glass of wine*


35. My stomach hurts, I’m so nervous for them.


36. YES! All the girls I like are safe. #Blessed 


37. How do they get such perfect roses? They must be fake…am I drunk?


38. C’mon Ben send Olivia home, we know you want to.


39. Andddddd the producers save Oliva’s ass one more time. Damnit. 

Well, if you don’t end up emotionally drained by 10 p.m. every Monday night, either you’re not a true fan, or you need more wine. We love you Ben, but wake up and smell the roses because Olivia has got to go, and maybe try not to call a girl you just met a sex panther.  Until next week ladies!

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