3 Vegan Companies That Are Beautiful Inside And Out

An easy way for you to make a difference in the world is to use more vegan products. Not only does using vegan products in your everyday life help the planet, but it also helps keep your body both natural and healthy. Many non-vegan brands for skincare, haircare, and more provide great benefits to your skin and hair health, but nothing beats the effects of vegan products. Switching more vegan products into your skincare or hair routine will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by the wonderfully natural ingredients. 

  1. 1. Brandless 

    The company "Brandless" emphasizes providing products that are better for humans and the planet alike. Their products range from Beauty & Personal Care, Home, and Pet Care! When searching for moisturizers or shampoo, customers have the option to filter their search to fit their exact needs. Customers can search up cruelty-free products, vegan products, paraben-free products, and many more on a never-ending list. This allows people to choose exactly what they are using on their bodies and makes them more aware of what goes into many of the products they use every day. "Brandless" is an excellent vegan brand that is unique in the sense that it not only puts the planet first but its customers first as well. 

  2. 2. The Honest Company

    This a now well-established company that ensures its customers vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. The company also makes it well known that they are certified by PETA as not using any animal or animal-derived ingredients. Clearly suggested by the company’s name, The Honest Company’s priority is for consumers to know what is in their products. On their website, customers can search for solutions based on what issue they tackle. For example, people can search for solutions that aid dry skin or for unscented skincare. The company is a favorite of moms because of its transparency.  

  3. 3. Maui Moisture

    Maui Moisture is all about reviving women’s hair and replenishing its natural qualities. The company is very clear about the fact that they are vegan and cruelty-free. The company also likes to emphasize that the ingredients they use ingredients that customers recognize, like coconut and macadamia oil. They even go as far as to have a list of ingredients for each product on their website. The website also provides a question and answers section for each product to allow customers to have an outlet for any concerns they have about the ingredients. Maui Moisture puts an effort to show that their priority is their customers’ wants and needs. 

So try and make the switch!