3 Thanksgiving Pies That Will Change Your Holiday

Thanksgiving is a day filled with not only friends and family, but wonderfully delicious delicacies that always manage to leave you feeling delightfully overstuffed. The classics like turkey and stuffing are always a must, but sometimes the monotony of Thanksgiving can leave you wishing for something different. If your family does the same thing every year and you’re looking for a simple change, trying a new dessert is the way to go. Ditch the basic apple pie this Thanksgiving and try a pie that will make your whole family smile this year.

  1. 1. Caramel Pear Pie 

    That cinnamon, caramel craving everyone gets this time of year is perfectly embodied by the caramel pear pie. Instead of the classic apple pie that everyone has had a million times, pear brings something different to people’s Thanksgiving tables. For an even more unique pie, salted caramel can be used instead of just regular caramel. This brings an entirely different flavor concept to the dish for those family members that want something besides an overly sweet dessert on Thanksgiving.

  2. 2. Pecan Streusel Mystery Pie

    With this pie, families can get extra creative for Thanksgiving. A pecan streusel topping on almost any pie would make an amazing dessert, which is why families have the opportunity to add a mystery filling. Every year families could choose a different filling to surprise everyone with. Pumpkin filling, maple filling, cheesecake filling, and many more would make perfect autumn-inspired combinations. The pecan streusel is on the sweeter end of the scale, but that can easily be tamed with a more savory filling.

  3. 3. Brown Butter Maple Chess Pie

    This pie fills anyone craving for the perfect combination of a light and airy crust with a rich maple filling. With just a slice, the deep maple taste instantly brings anyone into the fall season. To add some extra flair to this already mouthwateringly syrupy treat, powdered sugar can be lightly spread on top of the filling. The sugar brings out a different kind of sweet to the dish. Another way to add a special touch to this pie is by making your own maple-flavored whipped cream! Putting a couple of maple extract drops into homemade whipped cream will make the perfect topper for the brown butter maple chess pie.

So give these pies a try at your Thanksgiving this year! Who knows? Maybe they'll become a new staple for your holiday season!