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3 Local Food Pantries You Can Give Back To!

The end of March for many students has been filled with holidays, birthdays and lots of festivities. After celebrating Easter with my family last weekend, I could not help but feel extremely fortunate for all the food I enjoyed and consumed. 

Coming back to URI with four weeks of school remaining, I felt the need to somehow give back to the URI community. But how? After much overeating and an abundance of untouched food cans in my home, I found three local food pantries close to campus to give back to. And why not share theses incredible establishments with the entire URI community? 


          Photo by Reina Smyth

1. Rhody Outpost

Like many students on campus, I was not aware that the University of Rhode Island had an emergency food pantry. The pantry acts as a safe haven for URI students that have inadequate access to food. Located at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church on 15 Lower College Road, the food pantry is always looking for canned goods, household items and cash donations.

2. The North Kingstown Food Pantry 

This local nonprofit and food pantry is located at the Little Red School House on 445 School Street in North Kingstown. Just like the Rhody Outpost, this food pantry is also looking for canned goods as well as cash donations. What do they pride themselves on? Providing quality food and assistance to North Kingstown community members.

3. The Jonnycake Center 

Last but not least, we have the Jonnycake Center. This nonprofit’s mission is to improve the quality of life for community members in need of food, clothing and household items. Their donation center is located at 1231 Kingstown Road in Peace Dale! So if you have an old pair of jeans or a can of soup sitting in your pantry, donate it! 

Photo by Aaron R.


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