21 of the Best Toy Fad Every Twenty-Something Had

Since most 90's babies are now in their 20's, here is a list of all the crazy, stupid and somewhat annoying toy fads that we all lived through! Enjoy! 


1. Beanie Babies2. Skip-Its3. Mad Libs4. Silly bands5. Tamagotchi6. Barrel of Monkeys 7. Easy Bake Ovens8. Sit 'N Spins9. Razor Scooters10. Slap Bracelets

11. Nintendo DS / Game Boy 12. Pokémon 13. Webkinz14. Mood rings

15. Ouija Boards

16. Pogo Stick 17. Barbie / American Girl Dolls 

18. Mr. Potato Head 19. Lincoln Logs 20. Nerf21. Legos