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20 Things Every 20-Year Old Should Know

Being 20 is tough. You’re not officially an adult (’cause you can’t legally get a drink) but your teen years are also far behind you. Regardless, there are endless things that you are expected to know and do once you hit your 20’s. These things include…

1. Doing your laundry

2. Driving a car

3. Pumping your own gas

4. Filling up flat tires

5. Making your bed

6. Washing dishes

7. Managing a bank account and debit/credit card


8. Anything and everything related to technology


9. Sending endless emails

10. Needing interview skills and a resume

11. Remembering to hold onto the good people in your life

12. Learning that life goes on


13. Setting goals and accomplishing them


14. Realizing that just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life

15. Smiling often and laughing more because life’s too short to be so serious

16. Traveling more


17. Saving money, but not being afraid to splurge every once in awhile


18. Not letting people walk all over you

19. Spending endless time with the people that matter the most


I'm Natalie Prisco and I am a Senior at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Kinesiology on the Physical Therapy track. I am one of the Campus-Correspondents at URI. In my free time you can catch me going to the gym, hanging out with friends or binge watching Netflix. 
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