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20 Things Better Than URI Parking

1. Taking 8 a.m. classes

2.  Violent hangovers

3.  “You up?” texts

4.  Going though your phone the morning after 

5.  The URI football record

6.  Taking two trips to carry in your groceries

7.  Stubbing your toe

8.  Cramps

9.  Humidity-hair

10.  A UTI

11.  Middle School

12.  Room temperature coffee

13.  Babies in restaurants

14.  Our presidential candidates

15.  Mouth breathers

16.  Dining Hall food

17.  In grown nails

18.  Getting stuck behind a slow walker

19.  Incurable hiccups

20.  Your old roommate

URI Her Campus President, Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief! Jersey Girl. Public Relations & Communication Studies double major. Class of 2O17. Usually at the beach, probably petting the closest dog.
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