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20 Signs You’re Obsessed With Dogs

Dog’s aren’t associated as being man’s (or woman’s) best friend for no reason. With that being said, being obsessed with dog’s is a problem I’m totally okay with having.

1. You see a dog across the street and have to go pet it.

2. You refer to yourself as your dog’s Dad or Mom.

3. You’ve liked someone’s dog more than you liked the person.

4. You’ve made a social media account for them.

5. You gave your number out just because they had a cute dog.

6. Your dog sleeps in your bed with you.

7. While your dog is sleeping with you, you let them have most of the bed.

8. You’d spend money on your dog before yourself.

9. Your phone has more pictures of your dog(s) than anything else.

10. You’ve FaceTimed your dog.

11. Their birthday is as important as any other family member’s.

12. You let them get away with anything because they’re “too cute”.

13. You drive to places just to take them on a walk.

14.You baby talk your dog.

15. You’ve forced them to cuddle with you.

16. You greet them before your roommates/family members.

17. You bring them to Starbucks to get a puppaccino for being a good girl/boy.

18. During the holidays your dog has a gift to open, too.

19. You don’t want to go to work because that means leaving your dog.

20. You got a part-time job walking dogs so you can play with other people’s dogs.

It’s okay to be a crazy dog person, because although dogs are only here for a part of your life, to them you are their whole life.

URI Class of 2016. Health promotion major, Kinesiology minor, from Massachusetts. Sub-par lacrosse player, expert pizza eater. I'm probably obsessed with your dog. Follow me on Instagram: @tamelesss or Twitter: @tameless
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