20 Signs You're From Massachusetts

Being from Massachusetts is a blessing in itself. Being able to drive from the mountains, to the city, to the ocean all within a few hours is incredible. Not to mention the fact that it's home to Title Town sports teams or incredible seafood. Here's some tell-tale signs you're from Massachusetts:


1. You can cross 4 lanes of traffic in under 5 seconds, flawlessly.

2. You firmly believe blinkers and crosswalks are for wimps.

3. You know that Subway is a fast food place, and if you want to get around you take the T.

4. You know that if it’s a crown victoria, it’s probably an undercover cop.

5. They’re jimmies, not sprinkles.

6. It’s a packie or package store, not liquor store.

7. No one parks the car in the Harvard yard. Ever.

8. You order your coffee "regular" not "with cream and sugar," and you get it from Dunks not Dunkin' Donuts, thank you very much.

9. You know what a Massachusetts left is.

10. You’re almost insulted if someone doesn’t give you a Massachusetts salute while behind the wheel.

11. You've had school cancelled for the Boston Marathon, and April 15, 2013 ripped your heart to pieces.

12. You despise the Yankees, and any other New York sports teams.

13. With that being said, you root for boston sports like none other.

14. You've been told to lower your voice or talk slower on the regular.

15. Airplane liquor bottles are known as "nips".

16. Reading this just put the Water Country theme song in your head. (sorry)

17. You laugh at anyone who can't pronounce Worcester, Scituate, Gloucester, Haverhill, Suffolk, or Peabody correctly.

18. You absolutely love that dirty water, and go nuts whenever Neil Diamond comes on.

19. You know that New England clam chowder is the way to go and if you think chowder has tomatoes in it? Then:

20. Being called a masshole is the furthest thing from an insult. You take pride in that stereotype.