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1.  Turning 21 first

Who are you supposed to go bar hopping with if all your friends aren’t of age?


2.  Turning 21 last

I’ll just hang out at the pregame, you guys have fun.


3.  Picking a major

Sociology is cool.


4.  Changing your major

WTF am I gonna do with a BA in Sociology…


5.  Finding a group of friends

Well, this is awkward. 


6.  Being in charge of paying your own bills

But I don’t have any money


7.  Getting your roommates to venmo you their share of the bills on time

Do deadlines mean NOTHING TO YOU PEOPLE?


8.  Filing your own taxes

**Calls Dad in a panic**


9.  Internships that suck

This is literally the opposite of what I want to do with my life.


10.  Internships that rock

This is literally exactly what I want to do with my life, why am I still in school?


11.  Figuring out what you want to do with your life

“It’s a process,” they say as they take all your money while you try to find your purpose.


12.  Developing opinions different from your parents

The dinner table just got a whole lot louder.


13.  Paying attention to politics

This country is going to shit.


14.  Relationships

Somewhere between “I just wanna have fun” and “I just wanna be loved”


15.  People you know are getting married/jobs/babies

Am I supposed to be doing that too…


16.  Writing your resume

Then rewriting it 2500x


17.  Having to fix your mistakes on your own

Mom and Dad can’t call you out of work sick.


18.  Realizing your student loans are already collecting interest

I’m going to be in debt how much…


19.  Wanting to travel but having $27 in your bank account

Europe will just have to wait.


20.  Understanding that growing up is an assignment without a rubric

You’re going to have to figure this life out on your own, kid.

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