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19 Reasons You Need a Dog in Your 20s

It feels kind of silly making a list of reasons why you need a dog, because duh. If you were lucky enough to grow up with a furry friend by your side, then you already know the true impact these little pals can have on your life.  If you aren’t familiar with the amazing benefits that come along with having a pup as a member of the family, then you deserve one of your own now even more. While it seems that any day is the right day to add some happiness to your life, there truly is no better time to have a loyal companion by your side than the decade in which we are the most vulnerable to changes and uncertainties. 

To all of the roomies, besties, parents & significant others reading this: Give up.  We need a dog. 

1. Unconditional love 

2. The perfect excuse to stay in on the couch

3. Motivation to exercise

4. They’re great listeners

5. Stress relief

6. The perfect little spoon

7. To find happiness even on your worst day

8. They don’t (usually) have attitudes

9. Another reason to go shopping

10. Naps become acceptable at any time of day

11. They’re judgement free

12. No one else will ever be more excited to see you after a long day

13. They are a go-to icebreaker and the #1 wingwomen

14. Your very own bodyguard or at least a good security blanket

15. They teach you how to be responsible for something other than yourself

16. To feel a real connection

17. They can sense when something is wrong

18. For some consistency in your life

19. To grow old together 


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