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The 17 Stages of Class Registration as Told by Jennifer Lawrence

The dreaded season is here; class registration. Regardless what major you may be, choosing classes almost never goes smoothly. Trust me, it’s not just you. No matter how prepared you are, and no matter how many times you’ve filled out your curriculum sheet, you still have to prepare for the worst when it comes to the hunger games registration.

1. Counting down the days and hours until your scheduled date and time.

2. Preparing for battle.

3. Making that dreadful appointment with your advisor to see all the classes you still have to take, and how the classes you just took don’t count for your major.

4. Setting your perfect schedule in your shopping cart.

5. Checking your classes and watching them slowly fill up while you can do nothing about it.

6. Finding out the class you need the most is closed.

7. Or that the class you wanted to take isn’t offered this semester.

8. It’s only offered at 8am? No thanks.

9. Not taking a class you should because the professor was rated poorly on ratemyprofessor.com.

10. AVS101 is closed again? Maybe next semester.

11. Hunting down the professor for a permission number.

12. Finding out that professor is not giving out permission numbers.

13. Going around your professor and asking your advisor for a permission number.

14. After harassing any and everyone you can until finally! A permission number.

15. Navigating through e-campus to make the rest of your classes fit around that class.

16. Finally being satisfied with your schedule and feeling a sense of relief.

17. Only to start the countdown to the next semesters registration period.

Some friendly advice; Make an appointment with your advisor well before your registration period. Find out which classes you may need a permission number to take, and hunt down those professors before they’re bombarded with those emails. Also, choose a few back up classes beforehand so when you can’t get into the classes you planned on taking you’re not left stranded.

Good luck my fellow collegiates, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

URI Class of 2016. Health promotion major, Kinesiology minor, from Massachusetts. Sub-par lacrosse player, expert pizza eater. I'm probably obsessed with your dog. Follow me on Instagram: @tamelesss or Twitter: @tameless
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