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15 Thoughts We All Had About Going Back to URI

1. Secretly dying inside because all of your friends from home left already.

Why does URI make us wait until September 7th?! At this point the week before school you have to endure all of your friends snapchats and instagram posts at school, pretending you’re not sitting in your room crying inside of jealousy.

2. Should I pack this cheetah crop top, or what about this coconut bra? You never know what kind of theme parties there might be. 

You try and cut down on the clothes every year, but hey what if there’s a toga party, or luau? You might need that coconut bra. ALWAYS have options!

3. Should my first stop be Brickley’s or Del’s? Hmm… 

Us out of staters had to go 4 months without the infamous Del’s or Brickley’s and there’s no stopping us now that we’re back in gansett. 

4. Alright, lets get a head start and see what textbooks I need.

Okay, not too bad, shouldn’t be too expensive.

5. Then you see the total price and remember you’re broke.

New: $250.99 Rent: $249.00

6. Okay I’m definitely gonna go to the gym this year! No days off!! 

Hmm…I don’t really feel like walking to the gym all the way from Swan Hall, I’ll go tomorrow.

7. Will Pancho’s be the move on Wednesdays again? I hope so!

Remember when Pancho’s was the go to on Wednesday nights? Who doesn’t miss $1 beers and waiting 30 minutes in a line just to get in? We ALL do (secretly)!

8. Wait so how am I going to deal with my packed schedule, work and have a social life and sleep???

9. Two words: URI Secure.

I bet I’m not the only one getting anxiety thinking about dealing with campus wifi again.

10. Mentally preparing yourself for parking because you know when you get to campus, you’ll want to turn around.

“Hmm there’s no parking spots, I guess that’s a good enough excuse to skip class and go home.”

11. It’s finally here, MOVE IN DAY!!!

The anticipation and joy is beaming throughout your entire body. We’ve waited so long and let’s face it, life in Narragansett just makes sense.

12. You see your roommates and you’re nearly in tears when you’re finally reunited.

Time to decorate, see each others new clothes, and gossip about the drama that went on at home during summer. YAY!!

13. You show up to campus on the first day of class excited to be back, learn some things and meet your professors. (this will probably change an hour into class)

and then you find yourself staring at your professor thinking…

because obviously you’re smarter…

14. It’s only the 2nd day of classes and you’re convincing yourself to get out of bed.

The struggle has officially begun.

15. You’re just so happy to be back in Rhody you just want to run across the quad like this…

Long Island grown. Double major in Public Relations and Political Science. Lover of coffee, netflix, the beach, Donald Trump & the NY Rangers.
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