15 Things People With Tattoos Are Tired of Hearing

1. Is it real?

No. I actually decided to draw it on with a mix of henna and sharpie for fun this morning!

2. Did it hurt?

Lets put it this way.....needles.  In your skin.  Puncture wounds.  For over an hour. Nah, it didn't hurt at all! Felt like unicorn kisses!

3. What did your parents say?

They respected me as an adult to make my own decisions about my own body. Thats the part of the reason you need to be an adult to get one.

4. You know that’s forever, right?

Yup, wanna watch me put soap on it and have it not wash off?!

5. I could never get a tattoo! They look great on you though!

FANSTASTIC! We're two grown ups who can make two different decisions about what we do with our body.

6. Aren’t you afraid of what it’s going to look like when you’re old?

Everyone's skin is gonna get wrinkly and saggy, tattooed or not. But in all honesty, I picture myself with my tattoos looking like beautiful soul!

7. What does it mean?

Not all tattoos are for fun or simply based on symbolism. Some tattoos are incredibly personal and are not to be shared with a stranger. So please, eliminate this question from your small talk.

8. Aren’t you worried about getting a job?

Nope! That's what my college degree, fully stocked resume, incredible personality and unmatched charm is for!

9. But you’re so pretty/handsome!

Thanks for the backhanded compliment a**hole. Idk if you're trying to tell me that I would be better off without one, or that tattoos in general aret unattractive, but personally I think tattoos are only adding to the canvas of my body. Carry on.

10. How much was it?

How much was your nose job? Oh, was that too personal of a personal question?

11. That’s expensive. Why did you pay so much?

Because I'm paying to have something on me forever, remember? So I'm going to make sure it's going to look the best it can. Great artists are expensive.

12. Do you have any others? Any in private places?

You're kidding me, right?

13. Who did your tattoo? Do you have their number?

Yeah hold on we're total BFFs and chat on the regular!

14. I want to get a tattoo done. How much would it cost?

Ah yes, because I, too, am a tattoo artist. Let me just calculate that all up for you right now.

15. You dont look like the type of person who would have tattoos.

Please, tell me what that type of person does look like.