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15 Of The Best Jim And Pam Moments

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

Jim and Pam are a power couple. You know it, I know it, the whole world recognizes their undeniable cuteness that we all strive for. Our only resentment felt towards them is that they aren’t a couple in the real world. At least we have the memory of the eight short seasons that we were able to watch their adorable story unfold. 


1.  When Jim asks Pam on their first date and you can tell he made her whole day.

2.  When Jim patiently waits for Pam in the background, all the while knowing they will end up together. Even if she doesn’t know it…..yet.

3.  When Pam is pregnant and they handle the news with such grace and class.

4. When Jim will take any interaction with Pam as the best part of his day.

5.  When Jim gives the most adoarable toast at their wedding. Then it quickly escalates to him ruining the evening by spilling the beans on Pam’s pregnancy. Classic.

6. When even Michael Scott loves Jim and Pam too much to not name his beagle after one of them. Pam Beagsley is a killer puppy name.

7. Best. News. Ever.

8.  When Jim and Pam are best friends, which makes you even more envious of their relationship than you were before.

9. When they give the greatest example of what true love is.

10. I apologize, I meant THIS is the best news ever.

11. And then you cried and cried at how adorable Jim is when he talks about Pam.

12. It’s the little moments like this..

13. HOLY CRAP is right! Who could say no to that face?

14.  When Jim continues on to propose in the rain at a gas station and it could not be any more fitting.

15.  Can you say goals?