13 Things You Learn When You Move Away From a Small Town

1. Not everyone knows everyone.

Moving out of a town with a population of 5,000 people max., you learn just how many people there really are in this world. There are too many people to for everyone to know who you are, and it's oddly refreshing.

2. There are more options of places to eat than the single town pizza shop.

Instead of either settling for the usual, where you walk into the shop and they know your order,  or driving 20 minutes to an actual restuarant,  you realize now that there are actually options of places to go for food. The only problem now is choosing where you want to go, or what kind of food you want.

3. You don’t have to share the road with farm vehicles.

No more getting stuck behind a tractor that you can't go around because the roads are too narrow!

4. Silence is a privilege, and will seldom happen.

Between the sirens, neighbors activities, dogs barking, cars/trucks driving by, it's hard to remember what exactly silence is anymore. You even actually start to miss the peace and quiet.

5. You have to seek out nature walks instead of just exploring your own yard.

Nature walks aren't readily available anymore, and neither are wide open spaces.

6. Parallel parking is a skill you have to learn, because you never had to do it before.

Parking alone becomes an issue because youre not used to such a big population, nevermind having to drive around looking for a spot and settling for one in between two cars you're not even sure your car will fit in.

7. Believe it or not, there is such thing as night life.

Everything doesn't close by 8 when you move out of town. People stay up late and even want to go out for a drink!

8. Even better, you don’t have to go at least 20 minutes out of town to do these things anymore.

There are taverns, bars, clubs, and pubs that you could arguably even walk to now!

9. You appreciate your family more.

Being away from your parents and siblings, you forget about their little habits that drive you insane. You start to miss the fact that they're not only a room away any more.

10. No one knows where your town is, or even heard of your town before.

Typically, you settle for the city about 15 minutes away from your town in the hopes that it may be more recognizable.

11. Comfort zones are meant to be broken.

It's scary to move away from home. It takes courage but the experience it gives a person is only a plus. A fresh clean slate with everything new to learn is necessary every once in a while and can be extremely rewarding.

12. Home can be more than one place.

Just because you leave your small town, does not mean that you move away from 'home'. Home is what you make of it. Home is your safe zone, and your sanctuary, and that doesnt necessarily mean where mom and dad are. (Although, that home will always remain in a special place in our hearts). but most importantly, home is where you unwin(e)d at the end of the day in your pj's.


13. But you never forget where you came from.

No matter who you become as a person, or where you ended up living, where you grew up will always be a part of you. your teeny tiny home town will always be a part of you. you can take the person out of the small town, but you've still got the small town in you.