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10 Things We Missed About URI This Summer

The end of summer and the return to school can be bittersweet. We say goodbye to sunny days and warm nights and hello to the leaves changing colors, sweaters and what every college kid dreads the most: homework. Now we are well into our second week of school and being back here doesn’t seem so bad anymore. We realized that although summertime is easy and carefree, there are definitely some things we missed about our little Rhody:

1. Calzones.

Please tell me I am not the only one who (on multiple occasions) craved a Buffalo Mac & Cheese calzone from The Rhode House this summer?! I seem to never feel good about myself after eating one, but they are crucial on a late night at URI.

2. All those beautiful views.

Whether you’re heading down to Narragansett to hit the beach or walking around campus during a sunset, URI has some breathtaking, and Snapchat worthy, views.

3. The Quad.

Not only is the quad a great place to relax on a nice day, but it also provides free entertainment during the winter when it doubles as an ice skating rink. Plus, you don’t even have to text your friends to find out where they are in-between classes. On a sunny day, you can definitely find them lounging on the quad.


4. Razzbulls.

This is ultimately what URI should be famous for. When will they sell these in stores?

5. Our favorite mode of transportation: the RIPTA.

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of the RIPTA being too full and driving right past you, but it really is the best way to get to class when you don’t want to walk. Not to mention it’s the only form of transportation that (barely) makes it up the URI hills in the snow.

6. “Eat Cheap Week” on Hungry Rhody.

And Hungry Rhody in general, of course. $5.00 calzones for 7 days straight?! You don’t have to ask me twice.

7. Cute animals on the Quad.

You’ve gotta love this school for bringing us cute animals to relieve our stress during finals, or just because. Baby goats and puppies?… Enough said. 

8. The concerts.

From Chance Tha Rapper and Hunter Hayes to Iggy Azalea, URI has puts on some awesome concerts throughout the entire year. Be sure to check out Zedd on October 6th and Passion Pit on October 14th at The Ryan Center!

9. The nightlife.

Between Ocean Mist on Tuesdays, Pancho’s on Wednesdays, Bon Vue on Thursdays and Charlie O’s on the weekends, there’s a place for the 21-and-over crowd to go on any night of the week!  

10. Last but not least, your favorite amigos.

Since URI has a lot of out-of-state students, it’s sure does feel great to be back in Rhody with all of our friends. It was a long summer without them.

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