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10 Struggles of URI Dining Halls

The University of Rhode Island is definitely not lacking in the food department. We have three dining halls on campus and an abundance of take out restaurants at the top of campus in the emporium. While the food on campus is nothing to complain about, if you have ever had a meal in a URI dining hall, you have definitely experienced at least one of these struggles.

1. The Hand Scanner

Every URI student has experienced being denied by the hand scanner at the dining hall entrance. That dreaded noise of rejection rings all day… everyday. Third time’s a charm? Not for the hand scanner.

2) The Table Hunt 

Finding a table for yourself and your posse is virtually impossible. Either someone is saving a table, over-staying their welcome, or everyone decided that the same exact is the perfect time for a meal.

3) The URI ID Reservation

When you finally win what feels like the hunger games and find a table, setting your ID down is proof that you marked your territory. If you do not set your ID down, well, your table probably won’t be there when you get back.

4) The Stir Fry Guys at Hope

If they haven’t asked for your number or told you that you’re their future “wifey” then you have not experienced the charm of the stir fry guys. Try dancing to their catchy, and very loud, music; it might grab their attention.

5)  “Borrowing” Omelettes and Sandwiches

We have all done it: taking someone’s omelette or sandwich, either by accident or because you’re impatient and want to ruin someone’s day. Next time you bite into that food that isn’t yours, just think of the person you crushed.

6) The Liquids

You get your food, and finally go to get your drink. But, it’s not what you think it is, or what you want it to be. If you get soda, its bubbly water. If you get juice, its fruity water. So, save yourself the hastle and just get water.

7) Cracked Cups

After getting your watery soda or juice, you sit down and, a minuter later, to your pleasant surpise, you find a puddle of that same liquid all over the table. Yup, you managed to find another cracked cup.

8) Rotten Fruit

If the fruit isn’t gray, it’s some other color that it definitely shouldn’t be. 

9) Nutella

It seems like there is a Nutella shortage every minute of every day. Try again later. 

10) Mission Impossible

If you have not been stopped by the special agents (aka, cranky dining hall employees) at the door while trying to sneak food out, than you have successfully completed a dining hall heist. Bravo!

Alexia Williams is a member of the Class of 2017 at the University of Rhode Island. She is a Elementary Education and Sociology double major. She loves to eat, pray,and love!
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