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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch HBO’s “Euphoria”

I’ve seen a plethora of cliche high school-based teen dramas on streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, but Euphoria is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s not your average cliche and it goes into topics that a lot of modern shows exclude, and each character depicts one of them while giving each episode a background tailored to one of the characters. Sure, Skins may have been the first to do so, but Euphoria did it differently – maybe even better? It’s debatable for sure, but here are some reasons why you need to drop whatever you’re doing and watch Euphoria right now.

Zendaya Is In It

I mean who doesn’t love Zendaya? She’s a fabulous actress and has an appeal that is unique to a lot of different actors. She started her career alongside Bella Thorne on Disney’s Shake It Up back in 2010, and people fell in love with her right away. It’s also very interesting to see an ex-Disney star go on to play a non-traditional role in a more grown-up show and absolutely kill it. The stunning actress is also hilarious on social media and attracts thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter for her authentic comical self with minimal makeup and sweatpants. A celebrity we can actually relate to!

The Makeup And Wardrobe 

The makeup and wardrobe teams did not loosely compose their creations, instead, they made a number of masterpieces. I have never been more wowed by the makeup and outfits of characters in a show than I have while watching Euphoria. Doniella Davy, the head makeup artist, creates beautiful looks on the female characters in the show. With loads of glitter, abstract looks, and neon colors, I promise you won’t be able to look away. Also, the characters are always wearing eye-catching, striking outfits. Some characters more than others, however, these outfits make the show so much more unique, you’ll want to change up your whole wardrobe after one episode.

The Show Is Unsensored 

For all of you raunchy people, this show is completely uncensored and you’ll be sure to see some naked-ness if that’s what you’re into. Euphoria does not stray away from showing you all of the goodies and trust me, there’s a whole lot of it. What I particularly like about uncensored shows is that it makes the idea of a naked body more natural, because what’s more natural than being in your birthday suit? I will say one thing – maybe try and avoid watching Euphoria next to your 10-year-old brother or your 85-year-old grandmother. Now that would be kinda awkward.

There’s Body Diversity

A lot of shows make sure to cast traditionally beautiful actors with snatched waists, and the “ideal” body type, but the Euphoria cast is well diverse in this case. The lovely Kat played by Barbie Ferreira is a larger woman with curves, and the actress has even come out to say that she relates to the character, and was ecstatic to play a bad*ss larger woman in the show. Having a body diverse cast is always a plus, and inspires the viewers who relate to Kat to be more comfortable in their own skin. Some shows also include body diversity by having larger characters depicted as the outcast, but Euphoria makes sure that those characters are just as important as the others. Well done, HBO.

LGBTQ+ Friendly

Speaking of diversity, Euphoria also includes the LGBTQ+ community by casting a real transgender woman to play a transgender woman character in the show and also incorporating a lesbian couple where we get to actually see their relationship progress instead of just knowing it exists. We also get insight into what it’s like to live as a young transgender woman in high school, as well as the character’s pre-transition childhood trauma and storyline. Once again, this aspect of the show opens awareness about a topic that not a lot of people are familiar with, and makes it more normal – because it sure as hell is!

There’s Interracial Couples

Another topic that is not discussed nor displayed in a lot of shows or films are interracial couples. However, in Euphoria there’s not one, but two interracial couples! Amongst all of the other factors of diversity and inclusion, race should always be included and by incorporating a diverse cast into interracial couples. It also addresses that these beautiful couples can and do work just as well as same-race relationships.

The Soundrack

Now, there’s a lot of astounding soundtracks to tv shows and movies, but Euphoria’s soundtrack is seriously killer. The party scenes are accompanied by amped up music that makes you want to get up and dance, and the sad scenes make you want to grab a box of tissues, solely because the music adds so much emotion to the scene. If you’re like me, music is insanely important when it comes to scenes in shows, and Euphoria’s soundtrack will put you on a rollercoaster of emotions while watching. One minute you’ll be jamming out, and the next, you might want to grab that box of tissues that I mentioned a minute ago.

The Lighting And Colors

If you ever want to feel like you’re in the midst of a rave when in reality you’re just sitting on your couch with a bowl of popcorn, watch Euphoria. The lighting in the show is so mesmerizing, you might forget you’re watching a show and not a Travis Scott music video. The lights and colors in a show are meant to depict emotion and mood within the scenes and can make or break an entire show’s reputation, but Euphoria is literally known for it. The flashing lights during the party scenes and the soft lighting when things get serious really pull you into the scene. You won’t be let down.

Talks About Serious Topics

Drug abuse, domestic abuse, stalking, and many others, Euphoria covers an abundance of serious topics many high schoolers and young adults may experience without overdoing it. The writers ensured to talk about these issues in a manner that is not overly dramatic, but instead, realistic. And while these topics may not be relatable to all viewers, it informs the viewer on these very real concerns.

You’ll Get Attached To The Characters

Have you ever watched a show where you completely fell in love with the characters, making you want more and more? Euphoria will definitely do that for you. Since you get to see their background stories throughout the series, you’re more than likely to fall in love with at least one (or two) of the characters. The characters are very complex and their stories incorporate many different socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds as well as challenges within their families and personal lives. You might even relate to one of them.

I can go on forever about why you should pause The Office to go watch Euphoria, but I don’t want to write an entire book right now. Euphoria is a masterpiece of a show and sometimes seems so realistic, even when it’s not at all. Whether it be the beautiful visuals in the show, or the complexity of the storylines, you’ll be sure to love every second of Euphoria. Watch it soon, though, because season two is coming!

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