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10 Reasons College Kids Are Actually Just Giant Toddlers

1. We need naps

Naps are an absolute necessity. Just like toddlers, we get grumpy, hostile, and rude to anyone that crosses our poorly-rested path. We may even shed a tear. And if you wake us up early from our nap? Expect nothing less than a temper tantrum.


2. We get pumped for sleepovers

We absolutely love sleepovers. Whether it’s with friends visiting you at school, snuggling up with your roommate, or spending the night with a significant, or not-so-significant other, they’re still just as exciting.


3. We frequently do arts and crafts

Let’s just say there’s a reason they came out with “adult coloring books.”  If you’re involved in a sorority, you are also heavily involved with arts and crafts, making little gifts for your big and little.


4. We attend (and adore) themed parties

Remember how much we loved Disney princess or Spiderman themed birthday parties? Now we’ve just upgraded to barbarians and librarians (and other politically incorrect themes), but the fun level has only increased with age, wink wink.


5. We live for Snow Days

A day off from school? You mean it? There’s no shot at productivivity today! Do you wanna build a snowman?!


6. We are so broke

Remember that time we had money? Yeah neither do I. But I do remember getting an allowance, ah the good days!


7. We miss our parents

You mean I have to do my own laundry and cook my own food? I have to pay rent? I don’t want to adult. I want my mommy.


8. We are irresponsible

We still touch things we know we shouldn’t touch. We act before we think, and pray mom knows what to do to get us out of the hole we dug ourselves into. Did I mention we sometimes skip showers for sleep and hope a hat will cover it up?


9. We eat anything

A poor diet comes with having to cook for our broke selves. Ramen for breakfast? Why not.  Peanut butter right out of the jar for lunch? Sure! Frozen dinner because we don’t actually know how to cook? I suppose. Pizza at 1am? Sign me up!



10. We hate homework

Without mom breathing down our necks to get our work done, it’s hard to remain motivated. We still whine about having homework and having to study for tests.  Too bad the homework is way more frequent and the exams are 10 times harder now.

URI Class of 2016. Health promotion major, Kinesiology minor, from Massachusetts. Sub-par lacrosse player, expert pizza eater. I'm probably obsessed with your dog. Follow me on Instagram: @tamelesss or Twitter: @tameless
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