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10 Places to Eat in Rhode Island with the Most Outrageous Food


PVDonuts is Rhode Island’s first specialty donut shop. Every day they make their own handmade donuts from their monthly menu. Each month is a new menu, filled with an assortment of brioche, old fashion, cake, vegan and many more types of donuts. This month’s menu includes donuts such as Key Lime Pie, Death by Chocolate, P.B. Brown Butter Brownie and so much more. 

Frisky Fries

Frisky Fries is a small shop that sells, you guessed it, french fries. They have a bunch of different types of loaded fries, even including dessert Cinnamon Sugar Fries. They also have fries such as Cheeseburger Fries, Poutine Disco Fries, Philly Cheese Steak Fries and more. If you’re a fry person like me, this is your perfect destination. 


Waffle is a café in Downtown Providence that serves homemade Liège waffles, locally made ice cream as well as coffee and hot chocolate. Waffles and ice cream, waffles and fruit, waffles and bacon, you name it, they got it. If you’re ever looking for the best desert breakfast, this is the place. 

Providence Bagel

Providence Bagel is not just your average bagel shop. Not only do they sell homemade fresh bagels every day, but they also serve cold brew and nitro cold brew coffee, freshly baked pastries, and more. Some fun bagels they sell are rainbow bagels with funfetti cream cheese, a cereal bagel made with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and even a Caprese Pizza bagel. All I have to say is, thank you Providence Bagel. 


Figidini is a restaurant that serves traditional Neapolitian style pizza, small plates a la carte, seasonally inspired salads, craft cocktails and is located in the heart of downtown Providence. If you’re looking for amazing real authentic pizza, this is your place. They even have pizza’s topped with a huge ball of Burrata. It can’t get any better than a giant cheeseball on your pizza. 

Fountain & Co

Fountain & Co is Providence’s first small-batch craft ice cream maker. This ice cream shop sells interesting flavors such as Bourbon Carmel Swirl, Hibiscus Tea, and Matcha. They also often collaborate with Burgundian Coffee & Waffles to bring us the best waffles and ice cream and we couldn’t ask for more. 

Burgundian Coffee & Waffles

Speaking of Burgundian Coffee & Waffles, this pop-up shop is Rhode Island’s first Liège waffle company. All their ingredients are sourced locally to give us the best of the best. They post a weekly schedule on their Instagram, where they travel all over Rhode Island and bring us the best waffle combinations including chicken and waffles, waffle ice cream sandwiches and all different kinds of dessert waffles. 

Ogie’s Trailer Park

Ogie’s Trailer Park is a restaurant located in Providence that sells all your comfort food needs. This restaurant also has weekly events like trivia night. Some things on the menu include a breakfast burger on a pretzel bun, loaded tater tots, peanut butter and jelly wings, and a buffalo chicken grilled cheese. I guess I’ll have to start my diet tomorrow. 

Dante’s Kitchen

Located in the heart of downtown. East Greenwich, Dante’s Kitchen is a full-service breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is anything you could ever want on this menu, from Nutella pancakes to buffalo chicken mac and cheese to Shepard’s pie benedict. If you need to be convinced just look at their Instagram and you’ll be in your car in no time. 

Feast Sandwich Co

Feast Sandwich Co serves classic sandwiches with a modern twist. This place is burgers, sandwiches, and wraps galore. Some menu items include The Walker Pomodoro: garlic bread with fried mozzarella, braised chicken and tomato sauce, The Steel City Steak Bomb: shaved steak, cheese sauce, sautéed mushrooms, roasted peppers and caramelized onions and The Birthday Burger: beef burger topped with bacon, cheddar cheese served on a glazed donut. Count me in. 

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