10 College Discoveries

I am only a month into my college experience, and in this short time, I have conjured up some juicy observations. I cannot wait to see what else I have got to learn. 

  1. 1. People Want To Be Your Friend  

    Definitely my favorite part of college thus far is the friendliness of the people around me. From the wonderful dining hall staff to the students who live across the hall, everyone is searching for friendly faces, and sharing a smile makes their days brighter. All of us are in the same shoes; we are in a place other than home, constantly surrounded by new faces, and we all want friends! Put yourself out there with a friendly face, and someone will undoubtedly welcome you.  

  2. 2. Everyone Is So Accepting

    Everywhere I turn, I find diverse groups of people, all intermingling in such beautiful ways. In high school, I always had a feeling of groupings; everyone belonged in their assigned category, but in college, judgment is so much less structured. No one wants to turn against you for who you are, in fact, it seems that differences are what intrigue people into connection! Who needs a clique, anyway? 

  3. 3. Roommates Are Actually Awesome

    Do you know what happiness is? Opening the refrigerator to get water and the water filter has been filled because your roomie did it for you. If you and your roommates establish guidelines, living with them can actually be really cool. As someone who never had sisters, it is really awesome to have two girls do my nails, share stories, and have impromptu dance parties within the wee hours of the morning. It is certainly more of an adventure than a hassle!

  4. 4. The Professors Really Do Care

    Believe it or not, they’re real people too! For some reason, every time I talk one-on-one with a professor, I get the notion that I am speaking to a celebrity. I go to office hours, sit down with the professor who probably has never noticed me amidst the 170 other faces in my lecture, and actually have a conversation. My point is, it is important for students to remember that professors have feelings and want to see their students succeed. It surprises me daily how much time, effort, and passion I watch my professors pour into what they do, and once I take note of their energy, it inspires me to work even harder.

  5. 5. You Will Find Your Place

    It isn’t easy at first. In fact, I am still trying every day to find my place. Perhaps we are never supposed to feel like we truly belong. Maybe it is the endless quest of finding ourselves that keeps us entertained and moving in life. You will find yourself with a group you love, in places you feel comfortable. Just follow your heart, and give it time. Know that you are always growing, and do not be afraid to let go of negativity to make room for positivity.

  6. 6. It Will Go Quickly

    The weeks will feel like hours when you've got hard assignments on your plate. Some days will not offer you enough time to fit everything. You will look back just a week into the semester, already having built memories. Do not be afraid if you find it difficult to adjust yourself to the routine- be patient with yourself. Try your best to prioritize and schedule. Most importantly, remember to make time for yourself, as it is vital, and imperative when dealing with a rough workload. Breathe. You can do it!

  7. 7. Free Time Is Incredible

    Making your own schedule certainly has perks! Yes, time will feel like it is passing you by, but having even ten minutes between class can be a great time to take a seat, collect yourself, and get ready for your next adventure. Even the classes you dread attending count as an adventure if you use them as learning experiences! My favorite thing to do in my free time is to take a seat on the quad, take in the scenery, and open up a book to study or pleasure read. It can make the whole day feel less heavy on your shoulders. Side note: relax your shoulders, I bet they are tense. 

  8. 8. Studying Can Be Challenging

    Motivation is key, and believe me, I know it can be hard to conjure up at times. I am infamously a procrastinator, and I know for a fact I have to reorganize my study schedule. I have been mapping out my whole week on Sunday nights, prepping how much time I have and how much I need to devote to each of my classes. If you have trouble with this, try to find an accountability partner. This can be a parent, roommate, friend, professor, or anyone else who wants to see you succeed. Share your schedule with them, and see if they are willing to help make sure you keep yourself on track.

  9. 9. Nobody Is Perfect

    I know what you’re thinking: calm down Hannah Montana, but seriously! I often witness people being way too hard on themselves. Realize your potential and accomplishments and stop letting the small setbacks become big setbacks. Remember the quote, “Treat people the way you want to be treated”, for it applies to yourself, too! If you talked to anyone else the way you talk to yourself, would you want to be your own friend?

  10. 10. You Will Surprise Yourself

    This one is my favorite, mostly because I did not expect it for myself. You will inevitably find yourself doing things you never would have imagined. You will have new experiences, explorations, and successes. You will make incredible friends if you follow your values, and you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. Just remember to trust yourself, and find those who truly care about you and your well-being, stick to your heart, and seek discomfort!

Girl, keep your head held high!