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Y2K Trends And Their Comebacks!

Every era brings new trends along with it. In recent times, we have seen that recycling old trends from other eras has become the new thing. I mean, how can we forget about that major 90’s and 80’s comeback in the 2010s? Flannels were used as the main staple piece on outfits, chokers were worn on everyone’s neck, and windbreakers were used to defeat the cold weather; it is undeniable that we have let nostalgia get the best of us. With the 2020s upon us, the question stands... What “blast from the past” in fashion trends will we have now?

Allow me to introduce you to Y2K, an abbreviation for “Year 2000” invented during the ,” a computer glitch that occurred in the date transition from 1999 to 2000. The world of fashion has adopted this term, and it is used to describe the fashion trends in the transition from the late ’90s to the early 2000s, which strived for a more futuristic look, including designer garments, skin-tight clothes, and let’s not forget, lots of bling. Whether you want to emulate your favorite Britney outfit or the looks of a Bratz doll, take this as an ultimate guide to the Y2K world. 

When taking part in this trend, a lot of major inspiration can come from our own childhood; nostalgia arises when we think about classics like Mean Girls and Clueless. How can we forget about Regina’s obsession with miniskirts and Cher’s iconic yellow plaid? These two movies absolutely changed the fashion game. Paris Hilton is an example of a celebrity who shaped the iconic style of the era, with her scandalous shiny outfits, low rise everything, her pink obsession, and let’s not forget the iconic juicy tracksuit and bedazzled sunglasses combo:all that we think of when we reflect on the 2000s. 

Many elements of the Y2K era , each with their own different twist. So, what are the staple pieces we see now? Let’s create an outfit. Shirt? Go for a baby tee, a cami, something argyle, plaid, or maybe something bedazzled or colorful. Bottoms? You can go for a mini or tennis skirt, some low-rise jeans, or even some skater style baggy pants. Shoes? Platforms are all in; maybe you should look for a chunky sneaker or a short heel. And let’s not forget the accessories, ranging from butterfly clips, bucket hats, and bandanas saddlebags and shiny jewels. Whatever 2000s piece it is. 

Wanna know what’s the best part of it all? Thanks to these comebacks, we now have an in thrift shops This can ultimately bring a stop to shopping unethically and unsustainably and put an end to the horrible ways many mainstream companies work.Thanks to the internet, apps like depop, eBay, and Poshmark. have brought us easy access to buying vintage authentic pieces, unique to our style and wardrobe. So, what do you think about this resurgence?

My name is Clara López, i’m a 18 year old upcoming writer from Puerto Rico. I major in Psychology and currently study in the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. I love writing articles that center themselves on pop culture, style, and beauty.
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