Women Entrepreneurs: Danieli Mercado


As a child, Danieli’s mom always had some type of craft to teach her, this inspired her to sell her jewelry creations in her senior year in high school. She's a very creative person who loves fashion, yet the main reason she started selling them was because she wanted to pay for everything she needed for graduation.

Danieli mentions that, “there's no better feeling that seeing someone wearing what you created,” for it’s amazing how something so simple can make someone feel happy.

Fun fact: She loves making any kind of jewelry, yet her favorite accessory are earrings!

She's often creating something new to show her clients, but there's just some things that she makes that she just cant sell. Usually, the pieces she can’t sell is because she gave them to her mom or because she thinks its not perfect enough to show her clients, for she feels that it’s important to create pieces that represent her talent and enthusiasm correctly, therefore she does not sell something that isn't up to those standards.

  Another fun fact: Danieli can also make embroidery. She has embroidered towels and bags, such as pencil holders and makeup bags! And if that wasn't enough, she can also make dresses!

“I love the idea of making just one piece, having something unique makes it way more special!” She adds, yet at times she makes the same thing over and over because more than one person liked it and she wants to make her clients happy.

To contact Danieli, you can email her at [email protected], follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @danimar.jewelry. “I always like to take requests, give me an idea of what you like and I will make it!”

If you want to have a piece of jewelry that is as unique as you are, don't hesitate on contacting Danieli!