Winter Wardrobes Essentials

Chilly weather and rainy days may discourage us from getting out of our beds and get ready to college. Truth is, many of us struggle with this situation from time to time; we don’t want to wake up because it’s chilly outside, our beds are “Oh, so cozy!” and we don’t want to spend more than 3 seconds choosing an outfit, because we are probably late (for rolling in our beds too much). Now that winter is here some of us have to spend more time than usual dressing up, because a light cardigan and shorts may not be convenient during this season. Therefore layering and cozier pieces are a must-have during this time of the year.

Layering is great for colder seasons, it helps us stay warm and may even save us during rainy days. Here in Puerto Rico weather gets a bit chillier, but usually few layers (jacket and blouse) will do. No matter if it's here or elsewhere, it's perfect to play with fashion during this season. It allows us to try out different outfits and experiment with peculiar pieces.

The pieces shown here will optimize your winter wardrobes; complementing existing garments and making them look in season. Also since they are basic and somehow essential, you will be able to recreate different trendy outfits quite fast. What makes the following pieces basic and essential? Their versatility. With simply adding particular and unique touches we can transform an outfit used for college or work, to a Christmas party! Which allows us to save money and time. (Perfect when you're in college)


  • Wear beanies to add playfulness into your outfit. Hats have the ability to give a twist to any look. 


  • Chunky knits – Wonderful for staying cozy and in trend with loose fittings.
  • Statement jackets & coats – One word: attitude.


  • Knit dress – This piece is a winter must have.
  • Shift dress – Perfect with tights and/or your favorite coat. Best part: day and night appropriate.


  • Raglan & knit sweaters – Excellent to go to college and kill finals!


  • Black tall boots – They bring sophistication and elegance, and look stunning with dresses, tights or jeans. (You can always vary colors and styles to complement your wardrobes.)
  • Ankle booties – Like black boots, these could also be your best friends! Great with fitted trousers, miniskirts, and dresses… you name it.


  • Statement scarves – Colorful and/or printed scarves add a subtle spark to outfits.
  • Structured bags – These bags complement every outfit, so they will take you anywhere.

These pieces probably exist in your wardrobes, if not, remember that we all make different fashion choices. You may have other pieces that work better, for your lifestyle and with your personal fashion style. Use this as a guide to establish which trends work best for you!

P.S. This winter is all about attitude and mixing textures. Be playful and take risks with your looks. Add structured pieces and/or accessories and combine them with leather or bold colors like emerald green for trendy outfits.


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