We Have CAAMpeonas!

 On Monday December 1, our Juanas reigned victorious at the Mangual court after facing their eternal rivals, las Jerezanas of UPR Río Piedras (UPRRP) during the game for the bronze medal of the LAI Female Volleyball season. "We knew since the beginning it wasn't going to be an easy game. Río Piedras is always our strongest rival. Yet, with perseverance and unity we were able to turn out victorious," punctualized Vanessa Moquete, the team captain. As for us colegiales, we are proud of their effort and display of excellence throughout the whole season. ¡Gracias CAAMpeonas! 

                                 The CAAMpeonas had fried chicken for dinner! Picture courtesy of Huella Deportiva

Despite their effort, los Tarzanes were defeated by los Gallitos from UPRRP, ending up in fourth place overall at the LAI Volleyball Male competition. Yet, the colegial fans are still proud and in love with their beloved team. To this generation of colegiales, this team will always be the talented group of athletes that brought la dinastía Colegial back with la Trece. 

For all those seniors athletes who played their last season, we thank you for all your years of hard work and service representing el Colegio in such an excellent manner. And to all the rising seniors and other members, we, along with the rest of the UPRM community, encourage you to cherish your time on the team and make it count; aspire to greatness, work hard and play even harder.

Finally, to all the fans of las Juanas and los Tarzanes, thank you for being a crucial part of every victory and for supporting our teams through every rough patch. Let us forever cherish each game by throwing the plastic chicken around, wearing our verde colegial t-shirt, and recording 100+ seconds of Snapchat footage to remind the world that ¡el Colegio tiene cría! 

Until next season! 


The Mangual court was flooded once again with Sangre Verde. Photo Credit: Huella Deportiva