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A Walk through MuSA’s Grand Opening

The grand opening of Museo de Arte del Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez y del Senado Academico or MuSA, for short, has arrived. With artistry and elegance in the air, the events of the night began. A series of banners lined the path to the entry of the museum, while high archways adorn the outside of the building. From your first step into MuSA’s ground, the art takes a life of it’s own. The visitors were welcomed by a series of black and white live paintings interpreted by volunteers.

First an introduction by UPRM’s rector Dr. John Fernandez Van Cleve, the director of the museum Zorali De Fiera, and others took place, followed by La Banda Colegial playing a medley of songs, finishing with El Colegio’s anthem. Afterwards, guest were invited to enter the museum in groups, allowing each of them to enjoy the museum’s various halls. The well lit entryway into the museum hosts an artistic piece donated by the Bacardi Corporation, called La Isla Recreada by Susana Espinosa. After a brief introduction by one of the museum’s curators guest walked into the first hall, which hosts a series of imitation paintings by professor Juan Francisco Montoro. Professor Montoro is one of the few authorized to imitate great works such as La Maja, La Vittoria, Las Meninas, among others.

The following halls’ artworks are of no lesser beauty nor importance. The walls are decorated with art ranging from surrealist paintings, to political satires, to drawings of flowers. The point of this collection is not only to show the beauty art has to offer, but to show the beauty our colegiales have to offer as well. All of the artworks stored in this museum are by professors, students, alumni, or people that have contributed to El Colegio’s history. Not only are the artistic movements ranging, but so are the generations being showcased.

        Comercial de la serie Pinturas Malas” by Carlos Fajardo  

 Fragmented Composition by Claudia Torres Guillemard

       “ Maqueta para Himenaje al Brasil” by Julio Plaza

One might wonder why some walls remain blank; this means that like an unfinished painting, El Colegio’s history is still in process. The blank walls are awaiting future colegial artists to decorate them with their outstanding art. The Colegio family is more than happy to house such a wonderful museum that portrays how creative and talented people are. MuSA is ready to welcome guests Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 am to 4 pm, and Thursdays from 10 am to 7:30 pm.

A History of Europe major at Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. She is a natural born leader that loves to get involved in all sorts of activities; loves animals, painting, and sleeping while it's raining. Plans on becoming a lawyer after graduating from 'la IUPI'.
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