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The Vegetarian’s Guide to 5 Días Con Nuestra Tierra

By Ashlene Lebrón

Since I’ve started Colegio, when 5 Dias Con Nuestra Tierra came around, I had to eat a bacalait́o. However, since I went vegetarian, those days are over. Needless to say, my favorite activity to do once I’m in 5 Días, besides looking at artisan’s handiwork, is to eat–and there’s no way my diet is getting in the way of that.  So, I decided to create a guide for all those lovely vegetarians or vegans who need options.

1. PanaWest

Photo via PanaWest‘s Facebook page.

First things first, you gotta try these french fries, they are EVERYTHING. PanaWest, who launched for 5 Días, sell breadfruit fries with an assortment of dips, which include everything from mayoketchup to hummus. They are delicious, not messy and a great snack to munch on. This is perfect for all those vegetarians and vegans out there.  

2. Frituras

If you’re like me and love your frituras, “empanadillas de pizza” are the way to go. Sadly “bacalaitos” have “bacalao.” Yes, I am still sad about that, but an “empanadilla de pizza” can cure that fritura craving, it is great alternative. You can find them at most food carts.

3. Conos Pizza

Photo via Conos Pizza‘s Facebook page.

Conos Pizza is back this year and it is a great place to get pizza in the form of a cone. I mean, wouldn’t you want to eat your cheese or veggie pizza like that? It’s an experience.

4. Crepes, Frappes, Lemonade and Ice Cream

Craving sweets? I got you covered. All around 5 Dias there are a lot of booths for dessert. Whether it is tasty crepes, delicious frappes, refreshing lemonade or creamy ice cream. For example, the Sabor Limón booth for a strawberry or passion fruit-flavored lemonade.

5. Fresh food finds

Image via Feria Agrícola Educativa 5 Días Con Nuestra Tierra.

Needless to say, you’ll find TONS of fresh fruit and veggies at 5 Días that you can snack on there are take home to eat later. Be sure to check out 5 Días Farmer’s Market, where they have a variety of vegetables and viandas, as well as the various fruit vendors around the festival.

There is food for everyone, you just have to look. This year there are some great options for vegetarians and even snack for vegans. There is something for everyone. So go have fun, buy some knick knacks and EAT.

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