Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas



The season of love is upon us and dressing for the occasion doesn't have to be a hassle. There are many cute and comfortable outfit possibilities that will help you look and feel festive even if you're not really into Valentine's Day. Here are some Valentine's Day outfit ideas to get you inspired and in the mood for the season of love!

  1. A Wrap Dress

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Wrap dresses are super comfy and multifunctional. You can dress them up for a fancier look or down for a more laid back casual look. Either way, this type of dress might be worth a try. Since they come in a variety of color and lengths, you don't have to limit yourself to a single particular style. On the left, I am wearing a short red wrap dress paired with some colorful sandals. On the right, I am wearing a long navy blue wrap dress with the same sandals (not pictured). Two completely different ensembles , one more casual than the other, but both centered around a fashion staple, the wrap dress.

2. Button Ups

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I have always been a big fan of button up shirts and their versatility. They can be worn with basically anything from shorts to skirts to overalls, the options are endless as are the patterns you can find them in. On the left, I paired a red button up with a grey sweater, shorts and sneakers for a relaxed yet put together outfit. The red is a classic Valentine's Day color and the addition of a sweater not only keeps you warm but it gives the outfit a third texture/pattern which is always good! On the right, I have a less obvious Valentine's Day ensemble. A blue patterned button up paired with dark wash jeans and grey-blue oxfords make for a classic outfit turned modern. You can pair a button up shirt with so many pieces (skirts, sweaters, jeans, leggings, etc.) and these are just two possibilities.

3. Pastels

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Whether you mix and match pastel pieces or pair them with darker tones, pastels are super versatile and are especially perfect for a Valentine's Day themed outfit. The light colors radiate a lovey dovey feeling and easily make an outfit go from cold and dark to sunny and light. On the left, I am wearing a pink and white t-shirt with pastel green and blue shorts paired with pink and blue sneakers and a light blue cap. This is a super comfortable outfit that is still interchangeable for Valentine's Day at college or a casual lunch with friends. On the right, I paired a pastel blue overall with a dark blue button up and black sneakers. The combination of tones of blue is very pleasing to the eye and allows for a skateresque look while still being a possible outfit for the season of love!

I hope this quick outfit inspo gives you the inspiration you need to put together an outfit you can slay Valentine's Day in! Remember that these are just ideas and you can use them to create even more elaborate and beautiful outfits for any occasion!