Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Most of us hate it, or resent it for not having someone to celebrate it with, yet some very lucky people actually have plans. While we watch The Notebook on Netflix all alone in our living room there are people getting ready to go on a date. Yeah, people still go on those.

If you're one of those lucky one that's spending the day with a loved one or hanging out with a friends, yet feels nervous for not knowing what to wear, don't worry! Here's a makeup idea to make things easier for you!


1. Base Color


We applied the lightest color of the Morphe 35O Palette all over the lid, and then applied “Penny” from The Burgundy Palette by Kylie Cosmetics on the outer V all the way through the crease.


2. Transition Color



As a transition color, we applied “Bory” from The Masquerade Palette by Juvia’s Place all over the outer V and crease, blending it with “Penny,” which we had applied earlier.


3. Gradient Color



With a mix of “Zobo” from The Masquerade Palette by Juvia’s Place and “Burgundy” from The Burgundy Palette by Kylie Cosmetics we created the gradient color on the outer V and crease.  



Then, to intensify that area some more, we applied “Red Ochre” from Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette.


4. Corners Color



On both, the inner and outer corners of the eye, we applied a mix of the darker browns of the Morphe 35O Palette all the way to the sides of the lid to create a darker look.


5. Lid



To give the eye that touch of life and Valentine’s Day feel, we added “Golden Topaz” from Stila.


Tip: You can add concealer to make the color pop!


6. Highlight



As highlight, we applied  “iced latte” infallible eyeshadow by L'Oréal to the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.


7. Lashes (optional)



To make the eyes look way more flirty, any pair of eyelashes is the way to go!


Ready for your date!


Go slay on Valentine’s Day!