Tres Soles Jewelry

Aidanette started making jewelry when she was five; she even made her mom a pearl necklace from a Toys ‘R’ Us jewelry set at that tender age. After that, she started making more pieces and selling them to her family and friends. This talented young lady is now a senior student in the microbiology department at UPRM, who also runs an online jewelry store called Tres Soles Jewelry.  She mentions that she started making earrings for herself, for she always liked many styles, yet she couldn’t find them in any stores. She started wearing her creations and people would compliment her and ask her where she bought them. One day, her boyfriend told her to sell them and “that was the little push that I needed to begin.” She opened an Instagram account and sold them through there.

This is the necklace she made her mom when she was five, so cute!

The main reason she started selling her creation was because the tuition fee increased significantly so she needed an economic income, for at the same time she lost her student aid and therefore she was also out of the Work Study Program. So on July 18, 2018, she created her online store! She also mentions that she “wanted other girls to have the experience of wearing the accessories of their dreams. “That is why I accept special requests,” for her favorite part about making jewelry is seeing her clients, or "soles", as she calls them, wearing her creations. She loves how her business allows her to meet new people and, in other words, new friends! “Either talking with them via social media or in person when I meet with them to give them the earrings.” She just loves the idea of how a simple pair of earrings connect her to the different personalities around her.

She loves to make any kind of jewelry, however her specialty are earrings. In fact, her “best seller” are the hoop earrings wrapped in pearls.

Also, Aidanette mentions that other than jewelry, she would love to bring to her store handmade clothes, because how great would it be if you had it all in just one store? Also, fun fact: she decided to name her business “Tres soles” taking inspiration from her two siblings. She says that “Together we are three and each one of us shine in a different way and I am nothing without them.” How adorable!

She also wanted to thank every “sol” who had support her. “Including my friends, buyers and those who share my pictures in social media,” because she wouldn't stand where she is if it weren't for everyone who has supported her one way or another.

To contact this talented soul, you can follow her on her social media, such as Facebook: @tressoles333, Instagram: @tressoloresjewelry and Twitter: @tressoles4. She will make sure to keep you posted with her most beautiful creations!