Trendy Fashion Comebacks

Lately, many essential 70s, 80s and 90s fashion pieces have been totally making a comeback. I think they are making a comeback because it is a unique sense of style and can dare you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. All the colorful clothing and out there patterns back then were really fun, and I think that people want to bring back that type of style to relive those moments in a way.

Here are some essential pieces you should totally try!

For example, denim overalls, denim high waisted shorts and pants, denim skirts and denim jackets. Among denim everything, we also have the classic leather jacket which is a staple piece for your everyday edgy touch.

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Something that has also made a huge comeback are tights, we have every type of tight you can imagine: cat tights, simple ones, colored ones, fishnet tights and the list goes on. Another essential piece that we cannot forget about that is totally in are chunky black boots, from high heeled ones, from very small heeled ones, to over the knee and to ankle booties.

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We also have the famous crop tops that can go along with anything and everything. Something we cannot forget about are the iconic flannels, flannels never go out of style, they are also a piece that can make any outfit pop out.

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Besides the very dark colors that are used in these types of styles are colorful/ bright color shirts and prints. Another piece that never goes out of style is floral print, something that has been used back then and until today it is often used. Floral print can be used for casual and simple days at school or college, or it can also be used for formal events, it really depends on what kind of floral print it is.

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As accessories to go along this style we also have the iconic chokers, these ones are something that you cannot go wrong with and can go with anything you put on.

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Another accessory that is also very in are cat eye sunglasses and we cannot forget about the famous circle sunglasses as well.


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This style besides making a comeback on women has also made a comeback for men. Some of the essential pieces for guys these days are denim jackets, it is simply just a staple piece that can make any outfit complete and can also make you look put together without even trying.

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Leather jackets, boots or white tennis shoes are some other essential pieces a lot of guys are rocking out today.

Leather jackets on guys are super in right now as well as on girls.  

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In guys fashion it was also been trending for them to wear boots and they look so good on them.

This fashion style can easily look good on everyone, any body type, skin color, height, basically anybody can wear this. So don't be afraid to try something new, and if it is something you have been wanting to try for a while I encourage you to try it I am sure you will look amazing on it.