Top 10 Underrated Romantic Comedies You Need To Watch


We all have a soft spot for romantic comedies. They are something we can laugh about while enjoying the cute, amorous moments. Here are 10 underrated romantic comedies you should watch on a girls night or by yourself.  

16 Love is about a girl name Ally whose passion is playing tennis and has dedicated all her life to this. After a big match with her opponent Katina, she twisted her ankle and is unable to play for the big game. During the period of her convalescence, she meets Farrell who also loves playing tennis but is not as good as her, and she decides to train him to become better. While he shows her how to live a normal life outside her passion of playing tennis, she discovers the teenage life she never thought she would had a chance to live and finds love for the first time.



It’s a Boy Girl Thing is about neighbors Woody and Nell who cannot stand each other. In a history assignment where they have to work together on an ancient Aztec god, Tezcatlipoca, who has the power to change things, due fighting in front of this he throws a curse at them where they end up switching bodies.The cause of this happening is for them to achieve their personal goals working together as a team and getting to know each other better on a way they have not before.

Girl in Progress is about a single mother named Grace who is very busy with her work, and has two suitors in her life who causes a lot of attention to her daughter Anxiety. Inspired by the stories of her English teacher, Anxiety decides to skip adolescence and jump directly into a life without her mother. Her plans to skip town and being on her own goes wrong and everything gets revealed. Anxiety and Grace must learn that Grace should act more like a mom and less like a sister because Anxiety needs her in her life. Also, because of her mom being absent, she becomes rebel and starts experiencing stuff by herself alone and loses her only friend in the process.


Waiting for Forever is a movie about a girl name Emma and a guy named Will who were childhood best friends, but they lost touch a long time ago and they haven't seen each other since. One day, she comes back to her hometown because her father is terminally ill. On the other hand Will is a vagabond street performer or a juggler, and a man and woman driving across country give Will a ride back home. Will tells them the story of how he fell in love with Emma and how she was with him when his parents died in a train accident when he was ten years old. After Emma rejects him he leaves town heartbroken, while Emma's ex boyfriend comes to town to cause some trouble and involve Will on something he was never involved in.


The Jerk Theory is about this student who is the lead singer/guitarist of a high school rock band. He was the typical hot nice guy but when being nice does not work for him to get the girls, he then openly proclaims himself a newly converted jerk. Then starts treating every girl rudely and this somehow caught the attention of every girl and they all wanted to go out with him. However, he falls for this girl and treats her the same way like the others and his technique of being a jerk does not work with her because she wants a nice guy in her life because she is tired of dating jerks. Then he changes back to his true self to gain the trust and the heart of the girl he has fallen for.


Teen Spirit is about the story of Amber, a really mean and popular girl, who gets electrocuted  and dies at a school activity. After she dies, she is not allowed to enter heaven unless she helps the least popular girl in school to become the Prom Queen. She has to do a makeover on her for her to be more popular and known at school so she can get all the votes to become Prom Queen. In the process a lot of things happen, she becomes friends with the ghost of Amber and she also helps her get the guy she has been interested in for a long time and has never had the courage to go talk to him.


Stuck in Love is a movie about Will Borgens, a well-known divorced writer, father of Rusty, and his daughter Samantha who does not believe in love. She has not forgiven her mother for cheating on his father. Both Rusty and Samantha were brought up with the habit of writing journals and books, something that Samantha adopts as a professional career, and Rusty finds it a little hard because he has no inspirations in his daily life. Will still expects his wife to return, even though she is married to another man. Rusty falls in love with a classmate name Kate, who is certainly popular and has a boyfriend who mistreats her. For Samantha she meets a romantic young man name Louis who does not accept Samantha's cynicism and tries to conquer her. Also, the mother named Erica who still has a relationship with his son Rusty also wants to reconcile with her daughter Samantha and wants to be part in her life too.


Not Another Teen Movie is about this group of friends in the stereotypical high school community where there is the jock of the group, and the talented football star Jake Wyler who his girlfriend is Priscilla, a popular cheerleader. After Jake discovers that Priscilla is now dating a weird guy named Les just to spite him, one of Jake's friends, Austin makes a bet with him to find any girl in the school who he can turned her into the Prom Queen. His friends then choose Janey Briggs a uniquely rebellious girl and tries to make her into what they want. Jake attempts to become friends with her and tries to do the changes on her. Catherine, Jakes sister eventually helps her brother by slightly altering Janey's appearance and instantly making her drop dead gorgeous. Eventually Jake then falls in love with her in the process of her transformation.


The Prince and Me is about a girl named Paige Morgan, a pre-med university student in Wisconsin, who falls in love with a guy she thinks is a normal college student and then turns out to be a prince. It all starts with the Prince of Denmark, Edvard who on the contrary evades his princely duties and instead he occupies his time with competitions of sports cars. After attending college he changes his name to Eddie so he wouldn't be recognize. He first encounters Paige in a bar in which he flirts with her, Paige then rejects him. After running out of money, Eddie gets a job in the same bar he met Paige to get her attention. Paige then helps him on his first day being there and then Eddie invites her out, but she refuses once again. After all that, they ended up dating, until one day while they are caught together by paparazzis, he tells her the truth that he is a prince and that's when everything changes.


Double Wedding is about twin sisters named Deanna and Danielle who have no love live and they both decide that is time to start dating again. One has a career as a driven business woman and the other is a pastry chef. When they finally start dating someone, something that they don't know is that they end up dating the same man, and inviting him to meet the family. He on the other hand doesn't know that they are twin sisters and that he has been dating them at the same time. After the sisters find out the truth that's when the problem begins to start, they start fighting of who is going to stay with him, even though he still doesn't know. When he find out the truth about this you'll have to find out what ends up happening and who stays with him.