#TodasSomosDiosas: Diosas Artisan Makeup


Victoria Patricia is an empowered student and single mom who had a dream. Aside from learning new things, this girl loves to read and to spend time in nature. That's one of the reasons Victoria started her business. “It all started by a personal need. I have very sensitive skin and I couldn't use any beauty product, because it would break me out.” Her business, Diosas Artisan Makeup, consists of 100% vegan cosmetic products that are handmade with locally-sourced ingredients, a detail Victoria considered essential in order to contribute to the Puerto Rican economy.

Since she loves nature, she found herself loving plants that are medicinal along with all their curative properties. She started to search information about these and even went to workshops about specific plants and the different products she could make with those. She started with personal care products, such as soaps and exfoliators. “I noticed that I was allergic to everything, so I decided to try the products I was making and everything started to get better, my face was reacting positively.” She was allergic to most soaps and even makeup, so she started to dig up more information about what our ancestral culture used, and she mixed the ingredients up with some pigment and walla! She got her first makeup product, foundation.

She started doing this in 2010, but it wasn't ‘till this year where she formalized the company and made it what it is today. The name she gave her company is “Diosas Artisan Makeup,” because she wants everyone to embrace their inner goddess by empowering different women with her makeup. Even though she was financially struggling, she didn’t give up on her dream and with help from associations such as Centro Empresarial para la Mujer, Parallel18, Vitrina Solidaria, and many more she made her dream a reality. She also mentions that without her mom, who gave her her first financial help, she wouldn't be where she is today. After the company started growing, she felt the need to search for a Communications Manager and she chose Rangel Villanueva. Victoria mentions how grateful she is for his dedication and how his love for the job has helped the company a lot, as well as making her a better person and guiding her and the company to a better place.

She also makes powders, eyeshadows, lip glosses, blushes and many more products, yet her favorite products to make are exfoliants and face masks. She loves the process of recollecting the flowers and drying the roots. She is also a fan of cultivating the ingredients and socializing with her suppliers. The hardest products to make are the foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, and lipgloss, for she has to do them one by one because of the colors. She mentions that she has been studying the colors and the measurements very closely so she can start making them all together, yet it’s still a struggle. However, she has been doing her research to make her company even better, and even though it hasn't been easy, she has been able to mastered most of the products except one: mascara, but that's another story.

She also has some new products coming soon, such as another eyeshadow palette, which will include more night colors, since the one she has contains more day colors. Other than the eyeshadow palette, she also has come up with five new lip gloss products  and two new highlighters!

“I love every single product I make, because they have helped me improve my skin and have also helped my customers, yet If I had to pick, I would say that my top favorites are the powder, blush, bronzer, soaps, creams, and tonics.” She also mentions about how amazing it is when people come up to her and tell her how her product has helped through their own situations, and since she knows its a natural, vegan, and 100% sure that they are not tested on animals.


If you are interested in contacting Diosas Artisian Makeup, you can give her a call to (939)-274-5174 or email her at [email protected]. Also, make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram on Diosas Artisian Makeup or by using the hashtag #TodasSomosDiosas, because we need to embrace our inner goddesses and convince other women to embrace it too.