There is more than meets the eye: Meet Cristina Franceschini

The Miss Universe Pageant as politics, are like a sport for us Puerto Ricans; therefore you can imagine the excitement in UPRM when the student body found out one of our own was competing for the tittle. Meet Cristina M. Franceschini, Miss Mayagüez 2013, a bright young woman ready for anything that is thrown at her. In the course of a year she took on the pageant, college and extracurricular activities like beingthe co-founder and treasurer of the MedLife UPRM chapter. Arriving to the campus after being Miss Mayaguez was not as easy as you may think, but like the very strong woman she is and with unconditional support of family and friends she was able to learn from her experience and keep her head up high like every great model. Want to know how she handled the pressure of the pageant, the stress from her school work and still manage to maintain her bubbly happy personality?  Keep reading to find out how Cristina did it!

 HCUPRM: Who is your inspiration and why?

My parents are the people who most inspire me. I've witnessed their hard work and dedication everyday to become the people they are today. I am proud and lucky to have them as my parents and I thank God everyday for that.


HCUPRM:  What influenced you to compete for Miss Puerto Rico?

I have always watched Miss Puerto Rico pageants since I was very young and always wanted to participate. Overall, I was confident that I could represent Puerto Rico internationally.  


HCUPRM: What is the best experience you got out of competing at Miss Puerto Rico?

I had the chance to learn from different people and represent the town I was raised in.


HCUPRM: How did you manage to study and prepare and compete for the competition at the same time?

My preparation began during the summer so I dedicated all of my time to the competition. After the competition, I was once again a full time student.


HCUPRM: If you had the opportunity to change the outcome of the Miss Universe pageant, would you?

Not a chance. I am very grateful for the experience and the people I met during the competition but I believe that everything happens for a reason. Of course I always wonder what would have happened after that but I know that there are better plans waiting for me.

HCUPRM: After you the night of the pageant, how did you deal with the way the UPRM community reacted?

Even though it wasn't easy, I had a lot of support from my classmates and friends. 


HCUPRM: Besides study, on what extracurricular activities do you participate in?

I am the co-founder and treasurer of the MEDLIFE Chapter in the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez.



MEDLIFE is a worldwide organization that is dedicated to work for the underserved communities around the world. This organization has week-long trainings with local doctors to help with patients, educational health-related seminars, and community development projects with volunteers.


HCUPRM: What have you done with the association?

We have provided different community services with all of the chapter members and have gathered a great amount of them to go and travel to Ecuador to serve the community of Riobamba next January. Our chapter is dedicated to raise as much money to help the members go on the trip every semester.


HCUPRM: What are your expectations for the MEDLIFE’s trip to Ecuador?

I hope to provide the patients with the help they need and to be able to take part of what they teach me back home.


HCUPRM: What do you like to do on your free time?

I spend a lot of time with my family and friends watching movies or the beach. Mostly just relax.


HCUPRM: What are your future plans? And where would they take place?

I am applying to the Medical schools in Puerto Rico for the next entering class and hoping I get accepted!