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Styling Do’s and Don’ts During Rainy Season

My soaking, dirty feet will attest to how irritating it is to walk through Area Blanca after a downpour. Not to mention the obstacle course that is getting to class when its raining cats and dogs. That’s why welcoming May is always bittersweet, especially when you live in humidity central Mayagüez. Gone are the cool days of the Puerto Rican winter that allowed you to wear sweaters and (otherwise unbearable) longer sleeves, all day long without breaking a sweat. However, spring showers make our beautiful campus greener and cool down the impending hot weather. Without a doubt, these transitional times challenge our ability to stay updated with the latest fashion trends while fulfilling our educational duties comfortably, to which I will attempt to provide some insight on staying dry and not ruining your clothes. So if, like me, you’re one of the less fortunate souls who spends days from dusk till dawn at el Colegio avoiding the muddy puddles, you’ll probably want to scroll down for some stylish survival tips.


Do wear any type of boot

I have joked about it in my past, but I’ve always secretly wanted to own a pair of colorful rain boots to waltz around while “Singing in the Rain” plays in the background. Though it may be a more daring take, considering memes *eye roll emoji*, they are probably the safest bet for dry toes. Another fun option can be cowboy boots, which have strut down every catwalk during fashion month and can be easily styled with some good ol’ jeans. For the ones less likely to take the risk, there’s always, biker boots, hiking boots, block heeled boots, oxford boots, chelsea boots… I could go on.



Don’t fall victim to the white sneaker trend

Your immaculate white kicks have a 100% chance of ending the color of dirt if you don’t leave them home when it’s cloudy outside. Same goes to any other shoe made out of fabrics like suede, which truly are never the same after the lightest drizzle. You’ve been warned.


Do invest in a weatherproof jacket

This is key to staying dry, especially when you have to walk from Chardón to Empresas under a raging storm, and midway your stinking umbrella breaks. Now imagine this, but wearing a cotton hoodie… You’ll be able to wring out a bucketful. Tragic scenarios aside, these jackets can be found in every color or pattern, and can elevate your outfit up a notch. You’ll be the ray of light shining through the gloom.



Don’t wear white clothing

Same dilemma with the sneakers, only difference is that white fabric plus water equals a see-through mess. Besides, wet t-shirt contests are only cool on a stage, showing off your sexiest moves and competing for a prize, amarite? I suggest you leave the flowy, thin fabrics for sunnier months and get yourself some red, pink, and purple pieces to go with the upcoming color trends.


Do tame frizz with a hat

If you live outside the Instagram dimension where baby hairs are perfectly combed down, then you probably know that frizzy hair is inevitable on a good day, let alone a rainy day. Caps look hip and keep sun rays at bay (Yes, even on a rainy day. Wear some sunblock!), but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, bucket hats are for you. We’ve seen these on runways and street style in major cities, but most importantly, what better opportunity to have a Mia Thermopolis moment? If that doesn’t do it for you, then I suggest channeling your inner french it-girl with a fun beret or wrapping your hair with a scarf a-la Marilyn Monroe cruising in a convertible.



Do embrace athleisure

For those who are scratching their heads about now, athleisure is generally defined as wearing “athletic wear” for other activities other than working out. This trend when styled successfully, can even be work (project presentation *wink*) appropriate. What’s so convenient about this clothing is that it will keep you dry from rain and sweat, will keep you comfortable throughout the day, and you’ll look like you came straight outta PumaXFenty’s runway.



    I’ll leave you with a last piece of advice. Have fun with whatever you’re sporting and stand out with pride, because that’s how trendsetters are born. Soon enough, they’ll be wearing those bucket hats without a care in the world.


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