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Student Election Recap

Student Elections tend to bring out the fierce competitors in all of us; this semester, at UPRM, was no exception. Since the beginning of student council nominations it was easy to see just how intense this round of elections would be. With record-breaking amounts of nominated students, this yearly referendum was sure to be one to remember. The competition would prove to be even more rigorous between the students of the arts department since it received almost 30 nominations for the coveted councilor spots.

Although this round of nominations saw a larger pool of candidates than what the student body is normally used to, the amount of effort put into each of the participating student’s campaigns was evident. Flyers, Facebook posts, and posters were distributed across the entirety of the campus, weeks before the voting actually commenced. This eagerness helped many candidates gather votes early on, votes that would ultimately decide the outcome of the elections.

The nominated students for each department worked hard to gather enough votes to rise above the rest, not everyone was able to secure a place in the student council. Below you’ll find the lists of those chosen to represent the voice of the students these coming semesters.

The HerCampus UPRM Team would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to all the candidates who participated in these elections. Your courage and willingness to help is sure to inspire many more students to follow in your footsteps.

Below you will find a the results of the elections. 



Vashti Tacoronte is an English Major at the University of Puerto Rico: Mayaguez Campus. Her studies focus on literature and writing. She is a blogger, an aspiring writer and an amateur book reviewer. She enjoys young adult books, fiction, horror stories, creepypastas, and manga. For more information visit her blog titled Alphabet Soup (noxmelodia.wordpress.com) or follow her on twitter @windsorwrabbit. Stay creepy.
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