On spots and corners: La Cueva de Tarzan

 Have you stayed a float during the first wave of exams this semester? Lucky for us, UPRM students our campus has a lot of corners where you can hang out and forget about all of your academic duties. La cueva de Tarzan is one of them; HC-UPRM got together with the café’s manager, Enrique Betancourt and he told us the story behind this business. It is a project by Medical Services in order to provide the student body a place that promotes social health, as they already take care of the physical and mental health.  


La cueva is a nice place to hang out between classes; everyone is friendly and happy to make conversation with you. There you will find people from all majors but if you are not one for socializing there is usually good music playing, if not they screen class-A movies and series from time to time. Hectic or tight budget days always come around, here you can also get a quick bite or your candy fix.


This cafe is a business for students managed by students so the team is always trying to reinvent themselves constantly adding new things to the menu and hosting different activities. The latest addition is the coffee selection; you can get your caffeine fix on a price suitable for a student's pocket. I must add that the coffee is great, the grain is grounded at the moment and it comes from the one of the university's Experimental Stations.  If you are not a fan of coffee they also offer tea and a variety of refreshments.

As it is administered by students it is a great opportunity for students who intend to practice a profession in business. A fun fact about the local is that its a fallout shelter, its a place designed to protect occupants from radioactive debris or fallout resulting from a nuclear explosion- that's why there is usually little or no signal in there.

As part of their social calendar, La Cueva has a few activities planned this week, they are: