Some Books that Could be a Pleasant Read

We all get a little bored sometimes. Some of us like to draw, other like to exercise and some like to read. There are many different books on the market and it’s always good to have a variety of them. Each book has a different trope to them and could bring a pleasant read. This is but a short list that shows a few good books that maybe you haven’t heard about and could be of your liking.

                                                     Needful Things by Stephen King

If you’re a fan of horror, then you’re in luck. Needful Things is a book written by Stephen King that explores a small town in Maine, it’s a mundane town with everyday people until a new store opens with ‘rare items’ that everyone wants. After store forms part of the town, strange things start to happen. The book takes it’s time to show you each character and develop them, making you feel attached to each character and learning their motives. It is a big book to read (roughly six hundred pages) but if you have the time and want an adventure it’s an amazing treat.

                                                     Heartless by Marissa Meyer                                                                                         


This story sets place in somewhere we know very well, Wonderland. It’s the story of Catherine, a young talented baker that just wants to open her own shop. The odds are set against her though, as she is one of the most desired girls in town, even to the King. Follow Catherine and her wishes to make her own destiny. The way the book is described you get to feel as if you’re there with Catherine. The characters are fun, sweet and easily one of the best aspects that drives the book home. If you want a fun read, with a re-telling of a fantasy world we already know then this is the book to go.                                     

                                           Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

                             Our protagonist is a young twelve-year old boy genius named Artemis Fowl. This book follows our protagonist and his idea to complete a robbery against the fairy species. It’s a nice book that mixes the use of magic and wits.  Most importantly, it’s one of very few books that have a morally grey character, which makes things even more interesting for this type of genre; it’s also the first book of series of eight other books of the same name. The series has a diverse cast of characters and you learn about their back story throughout the series. If you like fantasy, sci-fi and heist stories, then you might want to give this book a try.                                 

                                 Mark of the Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen

                                 This story follows our protagonist, Nic, a slave that works in mines in ancient Rome. In one of the mines he finds treasure and this treasure gives him deadly power. Nic is to decide what he should do with this new-found power, if it’s good or bad. A fast-moving book with a witty character and magic. If you like stories of magic, family, and mythos then this is your book. It has a good plot and most importantly a great set of characters that drive the book home. It’s also the first book of a trilogy of the same name.

These are only but suggestions of books that show a different set of characters. Each one of them has a different storyline and could bring great entertainment for anyone. Be sure to know your liking for books, because everyone has different tastes and maybe some of the books mentioned here might not be of your liking. If you want to start searching for your favorite genre of books, then maybe these could be some that could help you.