Skirts, Plaid, and College Fashion Week Essentials



Finding an outfit that makes you feel amazing, it’s in style, and feels cohesive is like finding a diamond in the rough; we look and look, getting into million stores, trying tons of clothes,and taking countless fitting-room selfies while we’re at it; but we can barely find one outfit that makes us feel fashionable, happy and worth the trip. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s in style,and what’s trending; that’s why I personally love events like College Fashion Week (CFW). CFW not only highlights the styles that are on trend right now but it showcases beautiful, diverse, and amazing college woman, walking down the runway while rocking the perfect fall outfits.

These Fall styles were characterized by plaid, warm tones, long sleeves and textured clothes. Staying true to the classic styles we usually see for this season.

Pictures taken from HerCampusStyle on Instagram  

Even if you weren’t able to be part of this year’s College Fashion Week you can still rock your own looks with some of fashion week best essentials:

  1. Primark USA’ s amazing beanies can make any look stylish.  

These amazing Primark beanies can make you ten times more stylish and make your picture a thousand times more instagramable.

2.  Almay’s Goddess Gloss will make your lips shine.

If you want to shine and look amazing while doing it this is the gloss for you!

3. EOS Organic lip balm

If your lips need a knight in shining armor, EOS is it! It smells great and it leaves your lips feeling nice and soft.


Perfect to use around the house and even around the office!