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Skin Care Secrets You Need this Summer

Yes, summer is the season to kick back, relax, and enjoy being outside at the beach, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about our skin care routine. Everyone is always on the lookout for good skin care tips, but it can get old hearing the same suggestions. We’re always told to take off our makeup before bed and drink more water, but most of us just really want to know other tips and tricks that will help us. 

UVA/UVB rays are harmful all year long, but they’re especially damaging during the months of summer when we expose ourselves to the sun more. That’s why it’s important to focus on sun and heat protection, in addition to maintaining your regular skincare routine. Sure, we need to wear sunscreen every day, but what else can we do for our skin?

1. Apply Moisturizer to damp skin

Not a lot of people know but moisturizers are most effective when you use them while your skin is still damp from washing your face. The reason for this is because the damp skin absorbs the product more readily. Another reason for this is because damp skin is easier to penetrate than dry skin. Applying moisturizer on damp skin is also beneficial because it gives the moisturizer the chance to lock in that hydration that you need. This will leave your skin hydrated all day long.

2. Use micellar water instead of makeup wipes when taking off your makeup

Micellar water is a powerful product that is portable, convenient, and easy to use. This product acts as a makeup remover, toner, and cleanser all in one; it eliminates the need for several other skincare products that can take up a lot of space in your bag. Micellar water uses breakthrough micelle technology to lift away impurities like sweat, oil, dirt, and makeup from the skin’s surface. It is gentle on the skin, which makes it a great alternative to harsh rubbing that may occur when using traditional face wipes. Makeup face wipes are not meant to be used for cleansing on the skin—they are designed to break down makeup particles. As a result of this, the chances are that a considerable amount of residue from makeup and pollutants will still remain in your pores and clog them. Not only are makeup wipes harsh for the skin, they are also bad for the environment because of their non-biodegradable plastic fibers. 

3. Use a chemical exfoliator instead of a physical exfoliator

Physical exfoliants are not inherently bad—it’s how we use them that presents problems. However, even if we are gentle with physical exfoliants, we still might damage our skin. This is where chemical exfoliants come into play. Chemical exfoliators work to break the bonds between skin cells, loosening up the dead skin so it can easily be whisked away from your face. They often leave you with a smooth texture, unlike the gritty texture that a physical exfoliator might leave you with. This is why chemical exfoliators have emerged as arguably some of the safest and gentlest ways to exfoliate and break down the bonds between skin cells.

4. Use a tinted sunscreen instead of foundation

If you’re looking for sun protection and light coverage, a tinted sunscreen is probably the best fit for you. Tinted sunscreen is lightweight, makes your skin feel smooth, and most importantly, it provides the UVB/UVA protection your skin needs. As most of us know, sunscreen is the single most important step in any skincare routine. Not only does it prevent sunburns, it also protects your skin from the damaging and aging effects of UV light. That’s why many skin experts say that if you only apply one skincare product every day, it should be on that contains sunscreen! This is why tinted sunscreen is the perfect substitution for foundation. 

5. Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is a two-step technique that only adds a few more minutes to your usual skin care regimen. Like with any skin care product, you should always take into account your specific skin type and search for the cleansers you would like to use for this method. The benefit of double cleansing is that the first cleanser will break down any makeup, remove dirt and excess oils from the day, and clean your skin. Meanwhile, the second cleanser will address your skin type and should have ingredients that are meant to hydrate and treat acne. It is definitely a highly effective method that you shouldn’t wait to try!

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