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Simple Halloween Room Decor You Must Try

If you are a huge fan of all Halloween themed decorations, here are some cool decor for your room, office space, living room or whatever space you desire, which you can use to totally transform your room into a Halloween paradise.


Bat and/or skull stickers on the wall

These are some bat stickers that you can find on craft stores and put them on the wall to spice up your room.


Pumpkin scented candles

These pumpkin candles are perfect to put on your room so it has the aroma of fall.


Halloween-themed pillows or blanket

These blankets and pillows can be the perfect room decor to spice up your room, they can be used for this time of year on Halloween or all year around.


Pumpkin lights


These ones can be used to light up your room and add a spooky vibe to your room.


Halloween-themed mugs that you can use to drink your favorite beverage or you can also use it to put your makeup brushes.


Spider web sticker on a wall


This ones can be used as well as the bat stickers they can complement each other on your wall.


Bat curtains


These ones can be used to complement the pillows and the blankets.


Halloween bed sheets


These ones as well as the blankets and pillows will complement each other very well and it will look very put together for this Halloween season.


Fake fall leaves on the wall


These ones can be used for this Halloween season but they can also be used for fall they will be a decoration that can make your room put together.


When it comes to decorating your room, living room, or whatever space of your house or apartment you want to decorate you should not limit yourself to just do this once a year on Halloween. You can decorate it like this if you are a fan or a lover of dark and spooky stuff, just go for it. Just like myself I love this kind of stuff and I will for sure include some of this pieces for my room and I encourage you to do as well. You can also share this with your friends if they are Halloween lovers I am sure they will be happy to try them out.


My name is Angelique Matos, most people call me Angie and I am from Cabo Rojo. I am an English major on my third year studying linguistics and I have an obsession with fashion and makeup.
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