Simple Christmas Decorations for your Apartment



If you are a college student on a budget and you are also far away from home and you want your apartment to feel like your own home, but you also don't have much time or space to put decoration on your apartment, here are some easy decorations that will make your place feel cozy and holiday ready:

Lights for the balcony

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If the balcony is a place that you spend a lot of time time on and you want it to make it feel nicer, some lights to bright up the space will make it very nice. You can find these lights at any local store close to you, so they are easy to find.

Pillows for your living room

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As for the interior of your apartment, for your couch you can add some pillows as simple as these ones and this will make your living room instantly Christmas ready! Just add some neutral color ones, some red ones and also some that have Christmas related designs on it.

Small Christmas tree

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If your apartment is small and you don't have much space for a big tree, I will totally recommend you to go with this option. It’s convenient and cheaper than a bigger one. You can decorate it as you desire.


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These mugs can be used for decoration and also they can be used to drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, whatever drink you desire. It will make you feel on the holiday spirit very quickly.


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You can never go wrong with some simple stocking on your living room, they will make you feel in the holiday spirit.

Door decoration

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A simple wrapping paper on your door can be an easy way to decorate your place for this holiday season.

Plate mats

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This is an easy detail to put on your dinner table as decoration for when you have people over.


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As a staple piece, we cannot forget: candles! They will instantly make your apartment feel like Christmas. The aroma of a scented candle like christmas it's what is going to make it feel in the holiday season.