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Shocking Closing of La Sambuca

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPRM chapter.

After one year of its opening and serving ‘colegiales’ , La Sambuca Food Truck will be closing business due legal paperwork complications, allegedly influenced by the neighbor Subway shop. The food truck will be opened until the end of this week, giving the chance to loyal customers to stop by for the last time.

On May 5th , La Mafia PR, published an article specifying La Sambuca’s owner disappointment and discontent with the situation. “I feel so disappointed with the municipality, because of all they talk about moving the economy and the youth ‘que está perdía’ forward, while one tries to do things as ordered, these situations happen.” (trans.), said owner, “Edro” Otero, 25, to La Mafia PR.  

The UPRM community and all other loyal customers have expressed their unhappiness with the situation through Twitter and Facebook, showing their full support to the local business owned by fellow ‘colegiales’. Even a Facebook page was created to show support to La Sambuca, reaching over 1,200 likes in less than a day.

In an interview for HCUPRM last October, Otero said: “La Sambuca has really helped me a lot; it was a crazy idea with Gabriel Curet and we were able to make it true. Since then it has taught me the sacrifices it requires to own a business, especially food business: it has also taught me the dedication one has to have; if you’re dedicated and disciplined, you can do it.”  This is an unexpected situation, especially with the enthusiasm and dedication of all the workers and owners.

La Mafia PR’s team invites, through their article, fellow local food shop supporters, Fuerza PYME, PyMEs Primero, Foodtruck Republic, Food Trucks PR, and the municipality of Mayagüez and its representatives to “take measures in their power to first, deal with this in a fair way, second, accommodate La Sambuca Foodtruck in a safe and constructive space, and third, to be open to any additional help for the operative damages to La Sambuca.” (trans.) 



Mónica Ocasio is a senior majoring in comparative literature, with a minor in Italian at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez. Born, raised and living in Puerto Rico, Mónica has always enjoyed reading a good book, spending time with her family and baking.
Olivieri is a Puerto Rican entrepreneur who craves knowledge and has a passion for writing. Currently trying to unravel the world's mysteries by majoring in physics.