Puerto Rican Women Killing It in the Independent Art Scene: Yara M. Deida García

With the internet being so easy to access, it has become easier for independent artists to find an audience and let their work be known. As a result, a variety of movements, collectives, and scenes have found a way to pave their path. The independent art scene in Puerto Rico is no different. Recently, many artists from a variety of disciplines have found platforms that have made it easier for them to share their work. In addition, small businesses such as Electroshock in Santurce and Rio Piedras, bars like Off The Wall in Mayaguez, and libraries like La Casita Books and Gifts in Aguadilla have provided up-and-coming artists a space to display their talents. “Puerto Rican Women Killing It in the Independent Art Scene” is a series of  interviews that provides a glimpse at some of the women who have recently gained recognition in the art scene. Though the artists are asked similar questions, some are asked queries surrounding their work, specifically.


Yara M. Deida García who is working on the printing and cutting of metals such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel. In addition, she makes jewelry making designs, creating forms and developing pieces with positive and popular messages. To conclude, she owns a small business, Deida Jewelry.



What got you into jewelry?

I started learning about jewelry over ten years ago when I worked in a store which sold the materials and gave classes regarding the making of jewelry and other crafts.


How did you develop your style?

Last year, metal printing caught my attention. After Hurricane María, I decided to learn the technique and, without knowing anything, I bought the basic materials. Then I looked up information on the internet and I started to practice.



How has it evolved through the years?

With practice I have developed and perfect my style. Little by little, I added designs and combined metal with semi-beautiful rocks and wire. Besides that, I took some courses to perfect my cutting abilities to give the metals better forms.


What are some of your influences and inspirations?

After Hurricane María, life changed for many in a variety of ways and for me it was to focus on what I wanted to do. By getting to know and share with other entrepreneurs who wanted to move forward with their ideas, my ambition towards achieving my goals got stronger.  



Is there any other form of art you wish to pursue? If so, what field and why?

Art is infinite, but inside my style I would love to work with leather because it can be combined with metal and print.


What do you think about the current state of the arts in Puerto Rico?

I think independent art has evolved a lot, but there’s a lot to be done. Art belongs to the art, therefore it is the artist who must defend it and take it to another level.



What do you think about the current state of the independent scene in Puerto Rico?

I love what’s happening inside the local art scene like the murals in Santurce and Ponce, bomba in the public plazas and the activities being celebrated to make art accessible for the public. It would be great to see a space where kids and young artists can develop their passion for the arts. There’s a lot of talent to be discovered and it’s sad to see that sometimes they can’t be found because they are don’t have the necessary support or tools to do so.



If a young girl came up to you and said she wanted to be an artist, what would be your advice for her?

It already happened to me. My daughter is an arts student at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas de San Juan and I always knew that she was going to be an artist. My advice for anybody who loves art would be the same I gave her, be who you want to be and what you want to do because there are already enough people who are unhappy at their jobs. In addition, choose what you love to do, but also work hard and responsible with what you pick. If you love what you do, you will be the best.



What is your biggest goal right now? What do you seek to achieve with work?

My goals right now are to design and create my online store. I am working so it can be ready by 2019.


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All of the pictures in this article were provided by Yara M. Deida García