Puerto Rican Women Killing It In The Independent Art Scene: Emmalynn González



With the internet being so easy to access, it has become easier for independent artists to find an audience and let their work be known. As a result, a variety of movements, collectives, and scenes have found a way to pave their path. The independent art scene in Puerto Rico is no different. Recently, many artists from a variety of disciplines have found platforms that have made it easier for them to share their work. In addition, small businesses such as Electroshock in Santurce and Rio Piedras, bars like Off The Wall in Mayaguez, and libraries like La Casita Books and Gifts in Aguadilla have provided up-and-coming artists a space to display their talents. “Puerto Rican Women Killing It in the Independent Art Scene” is a series of  interviews that provides a glimpse at some of the women who have recently gained recognition in the art scene. Though the artists are asked similar questions, some are asked queries surrounding their work, specifically.

Emmalynn González makes jewelry out of hand cut and hand painted clay.

What got you into jewelry?

Since I was little, I've always been a crafty kid who liked to draw, D.I.Y., experiment with different art media and almost three years ago, I decided to make for myself a pair of avocado earrings. I wore them to a small art expo I had in San Germán and people really liked them, so I began making jewelry not only for myself but for others and E.G. Atelier was born.

How did you develop your style?

I developed my style through my personality and in the way I like to dress because I like expressing myself through my daily  looks and clothes. I'm all about art merged with tropical living and that's basically how the style came out.

How has it evolved through the years?

It has evolved a lot. Back in my middle school years, I was more worried about the opinion of others and trends. I also remember going through a rocker phase, which involved a lot of black in my wardrobe and I can't help but facepalm myself and say “what was I thinking.” I am so colorful now and so not into what others think of me.

What are some of your influences and inspirations?

One of my major influences is the Baroque art movement mixed with the flora of the Caribbean and a little bit of contemporary minimal aesthetic.

Is there any other form of art you wish to pursue? If so, what field and why?

Yes, definitely. Especially when I know how evolving I can be. Since I also like making clothes, one day I'd love to not only sew and put together a pattern, but to actually make the fabric print so it can be 100% unique and quirky.

What do you think about the current state of the arts in Puerto Rico?

I like how many, many activities regarding the empowerment and exposition of the arts are happening every single day motivating different artists to go out there, expose themselves and give them a space to feel connection with others and express themselves. Thanks to activities like that, I can show my work and meet so many new people in the process.

What do you think about the current state of the independent scene in Puerto Rico?

I think it's amazing how each time, I see more people at the public plazas, restaurants, media, cultural events, you name it, exhibiting their work and shutting up people who say that if you live the artist life you will starve. It's so refreshing to see performers, musicians, visual artists, photographers, writers out there doing their thing. Me encanta (I love it).

If a young girl came up to you and said she wanted to be an artist, what would be your advice for her?

I would tell her the same thing my parents would always tell me: if art makes you happy then be an artist. I would also tell her to find her own voice, study a lot, practice a lot and develop her creative thinking as much as she can.

What is your biggest goal right now?

My biggest goal is to hopefully one day have my own atelier which people would come to, say hi, see my work, shop unique pieces, take selfies, etc.

What do you seek to achieve with work?

I seek to keep making pieces that any kind of person would look at and feel identified with it. It would wake up their inner artist who doesn't care about trends and go out there and show the world how badass they look with E.G. Atelier earrings.

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All of the pictures in this article were provided by E.G. Atelier