Miss President Omaris Soto

Every college has those fabulous greek girls, but not every sorority has Omaris Soto. She was so proud of being part of the ETA GAMMA DELTA, she decided to run for treasurer on 2012 and earned Treasurer of the Year at the ETA convection. That was not enough for Omaris, because now she is the president of the ETA GAMMA DELTA Beta Chapter! She is a sweet, dedicated president and there is no surprise she was chosen Campus Celebrity. Keep reading to learn more about Omaris and what she has to say about the rumors that hunt the sororities.


Age: 24

Major: Nursing

Year of graduation: 2014


Meet Omaris!

HCUPRM: Favorite food

 Pizza & Pasta

HCUPRM: Favorite movie

 A Walk to Remember

HCUPRM: Favorite hobby

 Going to the beach

HCUPRM: Who is your inspiration?

 My Mom

Lets talk about the ETA:

HCUPRM: Why did you decide to join a sorority?

I decided to join the Eta Gamma Delta because my friends were in the greek life and I was the only one who hadn't pledged yet and they wanted to share this experience with me.

HCUPRM: Which sorority did you choose and why?

 I chose the Eta Gamma Delta because my best friend was in this sorority and from the outside I didn’t understand why she was so motivated and passionate about it. She always told me that I would understand her passion for the sorority once I was one of them, that is why I decided to join the Eta Gamma Delta.

HCUPRM:  Best experience you had while being in the sorority?

 One of my best moments in the sorority has been having the opportunity of helping homeless people in Mayagüez, by donating clothes, every year,  in order to provide them with clean and warm clothes for the holidays.  

HCUPRM: How do you motivate the girls to stay active with the ETA or to want to join the ETA?

 You have to love the greek world so you can understand it and be very active. The girls are first motivated because of the pride of being Eta Gamma Delta. Second is the satisfaction of knowing that every one of us is constantly making a difference in someone’s life.

HCUPRM:  What is the relationship you and your sisters have?

This is my second family. We have the same relationship that families have, we cry, we laugh, we joke around and have fun just being ourselves and accepting each other by who we are. My relationship with these girls is perfect, I feel blessed knowing that wherever I go they will always be there for me.  


Rumors Rumors Rumors!

HCUPRM: How would you describe a sorority, especially the ETA?

 ETA GAMMA DELTA  I could describe it in one word, Family.

HCUPRM:  What does a sorority do?

People think that we are only here for the cocktail parties and they are wrong, this is more than just a party. We are often making the difference in people’s lives with our charity events all year long.

HCUPRM: Rumor has it that people that are in sororities pay to have friends, what can you tell us about that?

No one has to pay for friends. When you decide to pledge it’s mostly because someone you know is already in the greek life and you have seen and met these people outside the greek life. I've known my friends, who are part of the sorority, before I even pledged,  that’s why I don’t listen to rumors about us.   

HCUPRM: Initiation, is it really that harsh as shown in movies?  And what is the purpose of it?

Movies exaggerate what a real initiation is. The purpose of an initiation is  for the pledges to demonstrate how bad they want to be part of us.

HCUPRM: Why should girls looking to be in a sorority choose the ETA?

Eta Gamma Delta has been making the difference since 1928. Being an Eta is a privilege that not every girl has and this makes girls want to be part of us. We are more than a sorority, we are friends, we are family, this is what every girl wishes for, mothers, daughters, sisters united, it helps you to learn and appreciate the things you usually don’t appreciate in life, it’s a blessing to be an Eta and to be loved by so many girls around the world.  

Photos were taken by Ana Portnoy and from Omaris Soto's facebook profile.