Memorable Moments from Episode 4 of 'Game of Thrones'


First of all, this fourth episode starts off with the remaining characters from the Battle of Winterfell burning the dead. Then, it’s just a small rollercoaster of emotions as fans were disappointed in some events that unfolded. Burning the fallen was sad and almost poetic in a way that most of the major characters had someone to mourn and burn:

  1. Daenerys / Jorah

Ser Jorah Mormont had been by Dany’s side since the day of her wedding with Khal Drogo. He had proven time and time again that he would do anything for her, even after she banished him from Meereen upon learning he had betrayed her. He eventually proved his loyalties and continued protecting her until his last breath.

  1. Sansa / Theon

Theon Greyjoy grew up in Winterfell as a ward to Lord Eddard Stark, Sansa’s late father. They never had any scenes together when the show first introduces these characters but when Sansa arrives in Winterfell to wed Ramsay Bolton, she meets Reek, the degraded version of Theon, courtesy of Ramsay. Theon is present when Ramsay rapes Sansa on their wedding night and eventually helps her escape. In the end, his devotion to the North got the best of him as he died protecting Bran, Sansa’s remaining younger brother. Before burning his body, Sansa placed upon his body a pin of House Stark. I cry.

  1. Jon / Lyanna

Lady Lyanna Mormont, named after Lyanna Stark, Jon’s mother, was a fierce, smart and cunning young warrior. It was thanks to her speech that all the other Lords of the North declared Jon Snow “King in the North”, further proving how badass this little lady is. Lyanna, cousin to Jorah Mormont, was the future of House Mormont, but, upon her death, said house ceased to exist. She died fighting bravely, and in her wake killing a Giant turned wight.

  1. Sam / Edd

Eddison Tollett, better known as Edd, was a man of the Night’s Watch, and “brother” to Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow. Edd has been seen throughout the series as one of Sam’s closest friends and the fact that he was murdered by wights right in front of Tarly is heartbreaking.

  1. Arya / Beric Dondarrion

Beric Dondarrion was part of the Brotherhood Without Banners, and faithful follower of the Lord of Light, whom had brought him back from the dead on numerous occasions. The reason he was brought back each time was because he had a bigger role to play in the future, and that was to save Arya Stark, the girl who would put an end to the Night King once and for all. We stan Beric.

Other events we need to address regarding episode 4, “The Last of the Starks”:

  • Ghost did NOT get a goodbye from Jon… Men r trash

  • Arya is not a Lady, Gendry. You should know this boi

  • Rhaegal’s death shook us to our core. DROGON RAN OUT OF BROTHERS

  • Jaime betraying the North and going after Cersei, NOT before bedding Brienne and leaving her broken hearted with his whole “I would do anything for Cersei” speech… Men r trash pt.2

  • Missandei… we lost a queen this past episode. Missandei of Naath and Grey Worm were going to live happily ever after! They had made plans! But, alas, whenever characters make plans for retirement one of them dies. It was bound to happen, just not like that. Beheading her in front of Grey Worm and Daenerys was not a very smart thing to do. Not when her last words are “Dracarys” and are addressed to Daenerys. We best believe Dany will burn everyone in King’s Landing just for than. I would too don’t @ me.

So, predictions for the upcoming two episodes:

  • Dany did not seem happy about Jon being a legitimate heir to the throne, OR about Cersei murdering Missandei… Will we get a like-father-like-daughter moment where Dany goes all murderous on Kings Landing?

  • Are Arya and the Hound really going to square up in Kings Landing to murder the Mountain and Cersei? Is Cersei Arya’s “green eyes”?

  • What will happen when Jaime reaches Kings Landing? Is there going to be a welcoming party or will Cersei straight up go psycho on the dude?


There are many things that need to be addressed this next episode or we, the fans, will go crazy.